If you are looking for a webinar software tool and are stuck deciding which one is the best among many, choose WebinarJam. The software is designed to facilitate the best and most convenient communication and collaboration experience by providing a myriad of basic and exclusive features depending on your plan, which are discussed in the review. It also supports advanced streaming, event streaming, and webinar streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and even private web rooms.

WebinarJam provides tools, such as screen sharing tools, annotations, slide shows, queries, queries, etc., to better present ideas. For more information, check out our detailed review and find out why WebinarJam is considered one of the most powerful and all-in-one-live webinar solutions available there.

About WebinarJam

WebinarJam is webinar hosting software trusted by over 50,000 companies in 40 different industries around the world. The platform supports 11 different global languages ​​and lets you send a PowerPoint presentation, your webcam, your screen sharing, or whatever in between in high definition.

You can also easily access various third-party tools by integrating them with WebinarJam, such as Google Hangouts, ListWire, Aweber, etc. Therefore, if you use WebinarJam for video service sessions, you don’t have to settle for jerky frame rates, pixelated images, limited presence, or flawed solutions. Ensure a stable Internet connection and a suitable device, including a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, Android, and iOS phone, for the best possible webinar hosting experience.

Important information

  • Site – https://www.webinarjam.com/
  • Established year – 2013
  • HQ – Las Vegas, USA
  • Twitter – WebinarJam
  • Facebook page – WebinarJam


Here are some of the key features of WebinarJam that make it stand out from all other video service platforms.

  • Whiteboard
  • Voting time
  • Live offers
  • Analytical approach
  • Participant’s spotlight
  • Handouts
  • Video injections

How do you get started in WebinarJam?

For starters, follow this quick WebinarJam installation guide to get started with the software easily.

Step 1: Register

Register for WebinarJam by registering on its official website. Enter the email address you want to use to host your webinars and open the control panel.

Step 2: Start the installation

To start your WebinarJam journey, click the Add Webinar button on the dashboard and select the configuration type according to whether you want to customize your settings or continue using the default settings. Then follow the steps provided to customize your settings.

Step 3: Configure the webinar

Choose any suitable webinar configuration from the three available options – immediately, schedule later and always on only after reading all the features mentioned.

Step 4: Basic Settings

Now edit the basic settings for the webinar. It includes the name of the webinar to refer to the dashboard, the title of the webinar and a description of the webinar that would be visible to all your potential registrants, and the language of the webinar to make the registration fields and buttons easy to understand.

Step 5: Webinar Schedules

Once you have edited all the basic settings in detail, go to the webinar schedules. Here you will see three options – one session, multiple sessions and recurring session sets. Read their descriptions carefully and choose one of the options according to your priority.

Step 6: Registration

The registration page is the first page people see when they register for a webinar. This page also provides them with a hint about your webinar. So at this point, customize your registration page settings. You can select a template and edit it or design your own.

Step 7: Notifications and Integrations

In WebinarJam, you can add ten announcements before and after your webinar. Select an email gateway to add notifications.

You can also add integrations to various email auto-replies and add a tracking system of your choice, such as Facebook pixels.

Step 8: Thank you

Design your Thank You page and click “Investigate Your Registrants” to add a survey. You can also customize features like Live and Replay as you continue.

Pricing and plans

Choose any WebinarJam pricing plan that is billed annually so you can enjoy numerous benefits. The platform also offers a 30-day return policy. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the services of WebinarJam, you can receive a full refund by requesting it within 30 days of your purchase.

Basic ($ 499)

The base plan allows you to host an unlimited webinar of 500 participants and two hosts for up to two hours.

Professional ($ 699)

With this plan, you can host unlimited webinars with 2,000 participants and four hosts for up to three hours. You also get extra features like an Always-On living room and a panic button.

Enterprise ($ 999)

The most advanced plan offers you many unique benefits and is worth the price. For example, you can host unlimited webinars with 5,000 participants – 10 times the basic plan and six hosts for up to six hours. In addition to all the features of the Professional Plan, it also offers the Control Center feature.

Pros and cons

WebinarJam has several advantages and also has some disadvantages. Let’s read through to know about them.


  • Real-time Chat – Increase the boredom of your webinar by engaging your audience in real-time conversation. Live chat options include group chat, moderators, highlighted and private comments, and more.
  • One-click registration quick link – It is an additional feature provided by WebinarJam that allows people on your autoresponder mailing list to click on a single link and register for a webinar very conveniently.
  • Surveys and inquiries – WebinarJam allows you to create interesting queries and surveys that allow you to understand the participants in detail. You can also create surveys for your audience to better engage with the material.
  • Handouts – The handout feature allows you to easily share files for download, including PDFs, with your participants during the webinar.
  • Drawing board – Now you can interact with your viewers and easily explain your material to them by presenting handwritten notes or drawing diagrams. It appears directly on top of your slides.
  • Panic button – If you want to leave the webinar the panic button will save. WebinarJam launches a new room, including a live one, and all participants are added to the room automatically; however, this feature is only included in Professional and Executive accounts.
  • Control center – If you have an Enterprise plan, you can let your team manage events from a separate dedicated control center and at the same time focus entirely on your presentation.
  • Room-always on – The exclusive feature, available for Professional accounts and later, acts as a dedicated, constantly running branded product for your business. The URL contains the name of your business and will remain the same. The feature is ideal for holding recurring live sessions with the same audience and getting participants to join your room at any time on the same fixed link.


Here are some disadvantages that WebinarJam has to work with.

  • Delay in streaming – Some participants may experience a delay of 10 seconds from the live broadcast, which means that all inquiries will be answered with a delay, which will affect the course of the presentation.
  • Outdated models – The models are quite limited, simple and repetitive to the landing page models. The designs do not match the brand, so they affect the event and the quality of the products.
  • Unpleasant settings – When you have to change camera or microphone settings, it is a long and cumbersome process. WebinarJam prefers a device camera, but if you need to switch it to an external source, you need to change your browser settings instead of doing so on WebinarJam.

Customer service

WebinarJam provides tutorial videos for customer support and has also answered as many queries as possible to help you with all matters. However, if you still need help, you can contact them on the support page. In addition, the LIVE chat option is available from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


What are the technical requirements for using WebinarJam?

WebinarJam can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Computer / laptop
  • Internet connection (LAN or Wi-Fi)
  • Please enable JavaScript and cookies
  • Speakers / headphones and microphone

What WebinarJam options are available?

There are several applications and websites on the market that allow you to host live webinars, such as:

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • EverWebinar
  • Cisco Webex
  • Demio
  • GoToWebinar and more.

Is WebinarJam worth it?

WebinarJam has a few drawbacks that we have mentioned above, but it is totally worth the money considering its features. It is an affordable marketing and training tool because it has the ability to attract thousands of participants at once.


The above review shows that WebinarJam offers the best features in the industry and fills all the jumps with the exception of a few concerns. The exclusive benefits of each plan and unique customer support make this webinar software tool, hand-down, the best in the industry. WebinarJam uses robust and advanced auto-scaling server technology that promises top performance.

Finally, the platform ensures seamless workflow for a wide range of webinars. Thus, WebinarJam overcomes the limits of other software and delivers a valuable product worth its pricing.


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