Picture through Warby Parker

With companies adapting to the digital situation, makeup and clothes and underwear accessories have all moved to the network. Next up is this free ”Virtual vision test‘eyewear retailer Warby Parker, a timely addition as the company prepares publish.

Update the current Prescription Check tool, the application-based Warby Parker Virtual Vision Test, based on Apple’s in-depth AI Vision Framework, reads distances and brings eye charts to the living space. Warby Parker emphasizes that the feature is no substitute for an optometrist visit, but if your vision hasn’t changed drastically, you wouldn’t need a full-length exam just to renew your glasses or contact lens regulations. You can do it at home, without booking an appointment.

Virtual vision test takes about 15 minutes, including proficiency testing and simulation eye maps At the doctor. Here, your iPhone acts as a chart when you’re asked to stand 10 feet away to read signs.

But you do not get immediate analysis. Once the home test is done, a qualified ophthalmologist will review your results and either optionally renew your prescription for $ 15 or recommend a more thorough examination.

Test too not for everyone; it is designed for users aged 18-65 who can see well with existing glasses or contact lenses. Those who are not eligible or face eye health problems are advised to set aside time for an eye exam instead.

Due to its framework, Virtual vision test is currently available for iOS users on iPhone 6s and later. Not yet a word on whether the Android version still exists.

[via Uncrate and Engadget, cover image via Warby Parker]



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