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Venmo has cashed The redesign hat for iOS and Android apps seemingly prioritizes privacy in a more intuitive interface. Apparently, the global feed, which reveals random payments from strangers, has been wiped out, keeping transactions between nearby circles.

Owned by PayPal the mobile platform has sought to bring a comfortable and generally confidential social appeal. The culmination was when the Venmo accounts of President Joe Biden and his family were found to be publicly visible. As an immediate fix, the app added an option that allows users to set their friends list to “public, friends only, or private.” BuzzFeed news at the moment.

Now Venmo is reset to this aspect of friends only. After the global feed is gone, “your friend’s feed is now the only social feed visible in the app,” it explained in a new press release.

Venmo justified that this app has over 70 million customers, “this change allows customers to connect and share meaningful moments and experiences with key people.”

Another significant change is a new navigation section at the bottom that allows users to seamlessly switch between social feeds, profiles, and Venmo products. The Cards button gives you quick access to manage your credit and debit cards, and the Encryption button brings users to the world of cryptography.

In addition, users now you have an all-in-one view of your wallet, activities, and settings from your personal feed, including the ability to track balances and expenses.

Users should be will be able to view the revamped app in the coming weeks.

Picture through PayPal

Picture through PayPal

[via Engadget and TechCrunch, images via PayPal]



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