Krissy Mashinsky, CEO of Usastrong.IO, today announced the release of the first application of usastrong.IO.

usastrong.IO is the first technical marketplace to exclusively curate and sell products made in America. Confirmed with STRONG BLOCKCHAIN ​​™ technology.

“We are happy to offer our customers a new way to shop wrong,” Mashinsky said. “The app now gives you a one-stop location in one place for all American products at your fingertips. When most of our sales already came from mobile phones, we realized this could be a game changer.

“Our buyers want us to be anywhere,” Mashinsky continued. “The application is important to our customers and the growth of the company.”

The newly developed app gives buyers easy access to usastrong.IO’s 8,000 products from 180 brands made in 34 states.

Among them are women’s and men’s fashion brands, household items, accessories, outdoor activities, food, well-being, beauty, self-care and soon wine. Each application and site has gone through the U.S. STRONG BLOCKCHAIN ​​™ verification process.

“We sell products that are certified and you can trust,” Mashinsky said. “We are excited to make these curated products readily available through the app as we continue to bring small businesses together on our platform.”


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