What can a WordPress plug-in do for your website or business that could take you to the next level? Probably quite a lot. For any reason other than that, there are over 58,000 different useful WordPress plugins. Including a few that could be an absolute game changer.

Obviously, you need to have some idea of ​​what you’re looking for before you even start. But even if you do, it’s going to be a long, hard search.

This list of the top ten WordPress plug-ins for 2021 should be helpful, as it’s at least likely that you think at least one is mandatory.

Let’s start and see if our assumptions are true.

1. Amelia WordPress booking plugin

The Amelia WordPress booking plugin fully automates the company’s interaction with customers and potential customers by helping them choose the right services, appointment times and employees.

  • Amelia saves time and money because it eliminates workflow disruptions and errors that are often characteristic of manual booking systems.
  • Amelia can handle an unlimited number of booking bookings, employees can charge different rates for their appointments, and bookings can be managed in multiple locations.
  • Customers can book, schedule or cancel appointments online from the 24/7 interface and manage their profiles.
  • Amelia takes time zones into account when serving customers or employees in remote locations
  • Reservations can be made online and guests will receive an automatic reminder of appointment times or payments due.
  • Amelia can plan and manage one-time and recurring events

This popular extension has been developed for maximum simplicity and user comfort. It only takes a few clicks to install and configure, the documentation is excellent and customer support is there if you ever need it.

2. wpDataTables

The WpDataTables plug-in lets you quickly create and add responsive, interactive spreadsheets and charts to any WordPress message or page. Easy to use for beginners.

  • Data tables can be created manually, imported from other sources, or created from MySQL-based tables and configured for editing
  • Data tables can be edited from the user interface
  • Users can filter table data by individual column values, and multiple filters can be combined

Data source, system and format compatibility:

  • wpDataTables can sync with Google Sheets
  • Users can access the HighCharts, Chart.js, and Google Charts libraries
  • MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL database connections are supported
  • wpDataTables easily accepts widely used data formats
  • wpDataTables easily accepts Formidable Forms tables

Other great features:

  • Tables can be sorted by one or more columns
  • Conditional formatting allows color coding of key information

Click on the banner for more information.

3. Builder of a visual composer’s website

Visual Composer (VC) is a aptly named ReactJS-based drag-and-drop website builder that lets you create a professional website tailored to your business needs.

  • Business owners like it because it provides a quick and easy way to establish a presence online or build a beautiful online store
  • Web designers like it because it offers a versatile, pixel-complete, code-free design solution
  • Marketers value VC’s highly transformative landing pages, catchy pop-ups, and social platform integrations

Visual Composer features include a complete site design feature, downloadable templates and content elements, and responsive design control. Clean code ensures that websites are fast and SEO-friendly.

Click for more information on the free and premium versions of Visual Composer.

4. Logic Hop

Editing content is a proven way to attract site visitors and improve results. Logic Hop supports content personalization in dozens of ways without code.

  • Logic Hop allows you to customize your content for your special or unique audiences
  • It works with any WordPress page builder
  • Everything that can be customized in WordPress can be customized in Logic Hop in minutes.

5. Pinot

Stacks is a drag and drop native mobile application building tool that allows you to create applications without coding.

  • Stacks works perfectly with WooCommerce and WordPress
  • The required certificates for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store are created automatically
  • Payments can be collected through standard WooCommerce payment gateways

The Stacks team guarantees 24/7 support.

6. Slider revolution

Revolution Slider integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress page building tools to add stunning state-of-the-art features and special effects to websites.

  • Create dazzling templates that affect views on any device
  • Revolution Slider’s new interface opens the door to several categories of design options
  • There’s an excellent and extensive, royalty-free media library as well as an add-on library to add dynamic content for great visual impact.

7. Ads Pro Plugin – Versatile WordPress Advertising Manager

The Ads Pro plug-in and its huge Backend dashboard allow for virtually unlimited ad space and purchased ads.

Customers have their own interfaces to manage ads

Package includes –

  • More than 25 responsive ad templates in 8 categories
  • Geographic targeting of ad slots
  • 20 ad display options plus filters, hooks, cap, etc.
  • CPC, CPM, and CPD billing and PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and bank transfer payment options

8. Static pages

Static pages allow you to publish a static page on a WordPress site to any URL.

  • It can do it in seconds
  • A static page can be a great way to improve your site’s SEO
  • A static page can be an interesting landing page, include a form, or it can be used to test a new product or idea.

9. Heroic mailbox

A heroic mailbox allows companies to share and manage departmental mailboxes on a single platform. The platform is the company’s WordPress site.

  • Mailbox communication workflow is streamlined and automated
  • Automatic coding with automatic rules leads to better email organization
  • Cooperation between plant groups is encouraged and supported
  • Team performance can be tracked
  • Inbox status can be achieved quickly and easily maintained.

10. Difficult

Tablesome allows users to quickly and easily create tables and embed them in messages and pages using table shortcuts.

  • Spreadsheets can be imported from CSV and XLSX files created with other tools such as Excel and Google Sheets
  • Tablesome can also be used to create larger tables, product catalogs, statistics tables, comparison tables, etc.

Tablesome is SEO-friendly, responsive and comes with a code builder.


With over 58,000 useful WordPress plug-ins, you can feel like a child in a candy store. But finding the right extension to take your business to the next level can take a lot of time for comparison. Not to mention that we need to address potential quality issues.

The selection of the best WordPress plug-ins presented here will hopefully be large enough for you to find one or more that you can actually use. Quality is not an issue as these 10 essential extensions to WordPress are best in class.

Maybe you’ll encounter a mandatory add-on just waiting for you at home!

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