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Get your nails ready because the new meme is here eat to your savings. The popular, exploitable visual Wolverine, which takes a long look at the picture frame, has been transformed into 3D, especially collectible patterns, thanks to a collaboration between pop culture brand Mondo and Marvel Comics.

Scale scale limited edition modeled ‘Ahma Crush‘meme, who sees a superhero lying in bed and originally looking at a picture of Jean Gray and Cyclops, but has since served as a fabric for humorous images. The scene comes from the episode X-Men: Animation series.

These details are everything is remembered, including the cartoonish features and the interchangeable image of Cyclops and Jean Gray. The trading card also features four interchangeable facial expressions – ‘Angry Masked Head’, ‘Neutral Masked Head’, ‘Sad Masked Head’ and ‘Logan Unmasked Head’ – with extended and drawn nails and a Thanksgiving turkey foot. A wolf can be miserable, but he doesn’t always have to stay that way.

At least, the character knows its value. The chapter is priced at $ 200 and will open for pre-orders on July 23rd World store.

[via CBR, images via Mondo]



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