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Polish influence Marta Rentel, who also uses the username Marti Renti, has sold his “love” as a non-exchangeable symbol (NFT) to an unknown buyer for an amazing $ 250,000. Not only does the buyer like this special digital asset, but he or she can also date him or her in the real world.

Rentel with has amassed more than 2.4 million TikTok followers, he said Instagram message“Yesterday I sold my first NFT for an incredible amount – I won’t tell you how much because I don’t believe it myself. I don’t know who else bought them. Brent, if you will, please.”

By UNILAD, The 21-year-old had partnered with a subscription-based Fanadise platform that allows influencers like Rentel to sell exclusive content to their fans.

Description Rentel at NFT explained: “This is the first Love NFT ever based on Marti Rent’s digital DNA. Symbol and the beginning of a new digital era. The sole owner of Marti Rent’s Love NFT has all the rights to his digital love. In addition, he is invited to a personal dinner With Marta Rentel in the physical world. “

Although it still it’s not too clear what this buyer gets exactly from “digital love,” Rentel said he wanted to be the first in the world to signify emotions.

“Physical love, platonic love and digital love may be different, but each is real in the same way as all our thoughts and feelings. And digital means eternal, ”he said.

“I always wanted to Polish women go down in history. I can already imagine what an image of me might appear in history books. That’s possible, isn’t it? ”

Is this the moment when we say that digital goods and non-software have gone too far? Or will more celebrities and influencers digitize their affection and feelings to sell to fans? We’ll find out soon.

[via UNILAD, cover image via Pin Adventure Map / Unsplash]



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