Picture through Royole

DIY habits just attach the crack to the wall or paint the handles of IKEA boxes with gold. But in all your free time at home now, you might want to expand your horizons and… build your own phone from scratch.

Royole – said have beaten industry giants like Samsung to invent the world ‘s first commercial foldable smartphone, the FlexPaiin – democratizing flexible devices with the release of the first – ever open source flexible electronics development package.

All-in-oneRoKit‘includes Royole’s third-generation fully flexible Cicada Wing display, flexible sensor module and Android 10 system development card.

Scary as the idea sounds, the package is designed for use by designers and developers with “varying skill levels and technical backgrounds” and they can tailor it to their needs. It obviously only takes five simple steps to build a RoKit.

DIY package arrives in a cool aluminum alloy case that is antistatic for protection and comfort [when] to transport the device. “

And even that The $ 959 price puts the device in a high-end range, it’s worth noting that it’s still only about half Samsung Galaxy Fold.

[via HiConsumption and Yanko Design, images via Royole]



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