• Elon Musk said Tesla will open its network of superchargers to other electric cars later this year.
  • Tesla passed the milestone of 25,000 chargers worldwide in May and is still installing more.
  • When Tesla first manufactured its charging stations, there was no industry standard, Musk said on Tuesday.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said Tuesday that Tesla would let EVs from other brands use its Supercharger stations later this year.

Responding to a tweet about Tesla’s charging stations, Musk said the company designed its own proprietary chargers after launch because there was “no standard at the time.”

“That said, we are opening our Supercharger network to other EVs [electric vehicles] later this year, “he added.

Musk did not specify when exactly the network would open to other cars.

Tesla launched its network of fast-charging Superchargers in September 2012 with six stations. In May of this year, he passed the 25,000 shippers milestone worldwide.

In June, the company unveiled a new 3,100-mile charging route stretching from London to China, and its official Twitter account shows recent installations in the United States, Italy, Iceland and South Korea.

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The Supercharger network is also currently the subject of a class action lawsuit against Tesla.

A Tesla owner filed a complaint claiming Tesla broke promise to give drivers free lifetime access to the Supercharger by introducing “inactivity fees” when owners leave their cars at stations after their batteries are full; .


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