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Followed recently update to Android TV, Nvidia Shield TV users are increasingly annoyed by ads that blur the home screen.

By Gizmodo, the latest update to Android TV on Shield TVs, released this month, includes an interface redesign that adds larger banner images to the home screen.

Although these banners Shield TV users have submitted more than 800 one-star ratings as recommendations and are regularly updated to promote new streaming content. application informationsaying they find these images annoying ads.

Based on complaints reviews and further Reddit, users aren’t too happy about how Android TV has handed out a minimalist design by adding banner ads that take up a lot more space. For a “premium streaming device” costing about $ 150-200, they hadn’t expected such intrusive ads.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the appearance of such ads on the home screen. It does not completely remove banners, but can reduce them. As per Gizmodo, users can go to the Settings menu, select Device Settings and then Home Screen before disabling the video and audio viewing switches.

With users bombarding Nvidia’s app listing in the Google Play Store with horrific reviews and complaints, it’s still unclear whether Google or Nvidia will do anything to correct this overall unpopular redesign or reduce the number of ads displayed on the home screen.

[via Gizmodo, cover image via Nvidia]



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