Skyflow, a security and management startup, has launched its second generation API– available security solution. Skyflow’s new Personal Identifiable Information Data Privacy Vault will be enhanced with the addition of a partnered Data Governance Engine that streamlines data usage management.

Skyflow aims to enable companies to address data layer security issues more easily than trying to build security protocols on top of existing data solutions. Through the company’s API, partner companies can leverage a zero-to-reliable data model to build a data warehouse without investing in the development hours needed to build this solution from scratch. Skyflow states that its solution provides the answer to compliance, data security, data management, residence, secure data sharing, secure analytics and Encryption/ tokenization.

Adding Skyflow’s Data Governance Engine expands the management capacity of platforms by incorporating a more robust set of features. ad notes that:

“The Data Governance Engine adds a new policy expression language that makes it easy to create a fine-grained data access management system from column to row based on any policy, role, or attribute combination. The Data Governance Engine offers a wide range of features such as access control, data origin, audit, logging, policy control, and more . “

The new product will be available right away and developers can find out more company documentation.


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