The big closed beta of Amazon’s MMO New world just started yesterday and things initially seemed to go smoother than expected. I started to watch a few people play, as I had hoped. Ed seems to have enjoyed it so far according to his Overview of the New World. As of yesterday, however, things have gotten a little too hot for some people using RTX 3090 graphics cards. Players from several different forums are reporting overheating which has resulted in GPU failure. Amazon is aware of the problem and started off with some tips to help gamers avoid overheating.

Update: Amazon has now said it has “seen no indication of widespread issues with the 3090” during alpha or beta testing, but plans to release a frame capping fix today to reassure beta players.

On the New World subtitle, the EVGA Forums, and New World Forums gamers are reporting GPU overheating issues. Specifically, many players using EVGA’s RTX 3090 report non-working maps after playing in the New World beta.

“EVGA 3090 FTW3 – worked fine for about 30 minutes> black screen game audio is still playing> fans hit 100% right after black screen> hard reset and now no video” explains a player.

“Yeah, FTW3 Ultra. Loud pop, monitors off, 100% fan spin – restarted, red light on power connectors, done.” describes another.

“I started the game for the first time, I was on the Brightness Calibration screen, and clicking on Restore Defaults all of my fans got overdrive, heading out to Mars. screen went black and the video output was not coming back. I reset the game, and the GPU does not turn on anymore, apart from the red light of death. Same card! EVGA 3090 FTW3 “, from 3090 other user.

While they seem less prone to unit failures so far, there are players with other vendors and models reporting high temperatures on their GPUs as well.

New World developers are now aware of the problem, and gave some preliminary, albeit a bit meager, advice for reducing GPU usage:

  1. Disable overrides in the driver settings,
  2. Make sure to press “APPLY”
  3. Restart the game client.

You can also cap your FPS. This will help to avoid GPU usage issues.

Go to Settings> Visuals> Max fps> Set it to 60, this should help reduce usage.

Additionally, be sure to check in your NVIDIA Control Panel under Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings> Select New World, and verify that Max Frame Rate displays “Use Global Settings (Disabled) or Just Disabled”.

Until there is a definitive explanation and a clearer solution, it would seem best for all 3090 card owners to play it safe and not navigate to the New World just yet. For those who use different GPUs, making sure to limit your frame rate is probably also a good idea.

You can keep an eye out for updates from Amazon in their known issue thread.

Amazon has now announced they plan to release a fix today that will limit frames per second in New World menus:

“Hundreds of thousands of people played the New World Closed Beta yesterday, with millions of hours of gameplay in total. We have received a few reports of gamers using high performance graphics cards experiencing hardware failure while playing. of New World.

“New World makes standard DirectX calls provided by the Windows API. We haven’t seen any indication of widespread problems with the 3090, either in the beta or during our many months of alpha testing.

“The New World Closed Beta is safe to play. To further reassure players, we will be implementing a fix that limits frames per second on our menu screen today. We are grateful for the support New World is receiving. from players around the world, and will continue to listen to their feedback throughout the beta and beyond. “

Your, VGC.


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