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New Balance has is widely recognized as a complete, essential ” manufacturer and producerfather’s shoeNow the shoe company has taken it in peace.

That is not worrying if Father’s Day was celebrated more than a month ago. As some might say, every day is Father’s Day. And New Balance definitely seems to be one of them, with its weird redesign of its 57/40 shoes.

Picture through HBX

Completely imperfect, the barbecue father-inspired kicks have an anxious base with grass stains and dirt. There’s a soiled fabric with dirty edges, all ready to go.

Classic fleet The “N” and otherwise bright white stripes are full of red and yellow: ode hot dog toppings for duo, ketchup and mustard.

The shoe is double stacked The sole provides a tolerable silhouette that is crucial to both the old school and the new and trendy father’s shoes. The reflective stripes of the New Balance brand marry aesthetics and practicality.

Father’s Day 57/40 it starts at US7-12 and is listed for $ 149 and is now available to order from merchants like HBX.

Picture through HBX

Picture through HBX

[via Input Mag, images via HBX]



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