Instagram has added another way to improve accessibility by expanding language translations worldwide in Instagram stories.

As you can see from this example, now that you see a story with overlay text in another language, you now have the option to translate that text on the screen.

To this end, users will now be shown a new ‘See Translations’ banner in the upper left corner of their IG stories whenever foreign languages ​​are detected (based on phone settings). Tap this option and you will be shown a new translation panel like the one above.

Instagram says more than 90 languages ​​are currently supported through functionality – though now translations are only available for text, without direct audio conversion.

But still, it can still improve accessibility – while for brands, it can also provide a way to branch into new markets, and offers allow users to easily translate within the app.

Similar translation options are already available for feed mail, user profiles, and comments.

Instagram also added automatic subtitles for stories earlier this year – so in theory you can use the subtitle sticker and this new feature to translate the speech of the clips into another language. But that may not be possible at this point.

Either way, it’s another important development of accessibility for Instagram and another focus for your Stories process.


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