I can’t believe I’m writing another message about another soul in search marketing mode that disappears at an early age. Bob Gladstein, someone who has been part of the search engine community for probably about two decades, surprisingly passed away on Friday night at age 57.

Bob went under the Twitter alias @bubba_ji and you see, he only answered SEO questions on Twitter last week. His Twitter bio-information summed him up well: “Organic SEO guy; Unhipster from hipster town.” He was very active in old SEO forums like HighRankings forums and others. He was just a genuine and good guy.

Julie Joyce from Linkie Media sent me this friend from Bob:

Bob and I are going back …

I don’t remember if we first met online talking about music or a movie, but it was one of two. He and I had a very similar taste in both, and I was always looking forward to reviews of his Instagram movies because there was only one of them that I had seen. He had great anecdotes and always had a good story about a band I liked. Just last week, he accepted my invitation to join the FB music band, and I was really excited and grateful that we got one more good Devo story about him.

He was an incredibly intelligent man with no arrogance or ego and so deep knowledge. I really miss the chats and I know that people who knew him will have amazing memories of a truly wonderful person.

His employer wrote this:

Here is more:

There are many more stories and comments about him Facebook – I see it, but I’m friends with him on this platform. I can’t share private messages here, but it’s so sad to read.

Bob – you are deeply missed by SEO communities.

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