If you talk to someone about important things, from the bottom of your heart, with honesty, it is quite possible that what you are saying is contradicting what they expect.

This could be due to the indoctrination of a life spent growing up in a particular culture.

Maybe it’s because of personal experiences they’ve had with others that haven’t worked out very well.

And maybe that’s because what you’re saying contradicts what they’re seeing.

Either way, they nod, politely listening, but don’t change their expectations at all. Because they have learned through experience not to believe that things are going to be different.

If you’ve read ten employee manuals that say one thing when the company does another, you probably won’t believe the eleventh.

When you hear a boss say “people before profits” you are likely to hold back before you reveal your soul and share your fears.

“Trust me” is easy to say, especially when you really mean it, but hard to hear.

Showing tends to be better than saying, and it takes a long time to gain confidence when going against culture.


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