Google announced a bundle new map features for Google Maps, one of which allows users / applicants to leave more detailed reviews of the restaurants they visit. Google has tested more detailed reviews some time but now it’s officially for restaurants.

Google wrote, “When you leave a review for a restaurant, you’ll see prompts to share useful information, such as price categories or if you received a pickup or delivery. Best: You can respond with just a few quick taps.”

This is how it works:

This feature is now fully available in all U.S.-based restaurants on Android and will be deployed on iOS, with more categories and countries on the way.

Other features reported by Google relate to COVID safety, where Google Maps expanded its crowd prediction to 10,000 transit offices in 100 countries and shows how full individual wagons are in NYC and Sydney.

  • Transition frequency forecasts extend to more than 10,000 cities in 100 countries
  • In New York and Sydney, Google is testing the ability to see live crowd data down to the level of transit cars.
  • You can see useful insights and trends about the places you visit
  • Schedule Trips allows you to remember past trips and plan new ones

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