With the introduction of vaccines gaining momentum and health issues becoming more focused among Facebook users, the forum is today announced an update on prescription drug advertising policies and the qualifications required of brands to conduct such campaigns.

As explained Facebook:

“We have long required online pharmacies to go through a certification process before ads can be displayed on Facebook. We are now introducing other pre-approval requirements for telemedicine providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and online pharmacies looking to advertise prescription drugs on their platforms.”

From 25 August, healthcare providers and online pharmacies will now have to present a written certificate from a third-party certificate provider. Legitscript. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must also obtain prior approval from Facebook before displaying ads promoting prescription drugs.

“Only pre-approved advertisers belonging to one of these three categories – online pharmacies, telecommunications suppliers and pharmaceutical manufacturers – are allowed to advertise these products, and they can only do so in the U.S., Canada, or New Zealand. These ads may not target people under the age of 18. “

In social distance regulation, the use of telecommunications and online consultations have increased, and as such, Facebook needs to update its policies in line with these changes to ensure that it protects users from potential harm or manipulation.

In addition to this, Facebook has clarified its policy on campaigns related to the use of medical efficacy, availability and affordability.

“Instead of one advertising policy covering a wide range of products, we now have three separate policies: online pharmacy, prescription drug and dangerous substance advertising.”

Facebook says this will better cover a variety of use cases and occurrences, while clearly setting up the difference between the advertising of illicit drugs and other dangerous substances and the limited sale of prescription drugs by approved advertisers.

It’s a difficult area, but it’s clearly on the rise, and as more and more people are looking for health advice and products, it’s important that Facebook makes sure it doesn’t promote advertising of fraudulent or harmful treatments.

You can read more about Facebook’s new rules for promoting prescription drugs here.


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