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Ode Until the 70s, Casio has announced the watch in collaboration with the internationally iconic video game PAC-MAN.

Clock, The A100WEPC is a revamped model of the previous F-100 watch, which was released at about the same time as PAC-MAN. The beloved game hit arcades in 1980 and has never been watched since, while the vintage watch was the first quartz Casio model to be sealed in resin in 1978 and had new features such as a stopwatch, alarm and calendar. It was one of the most advanced digital watches of its time.

Casio’s new A100 lottery its inspiration from the original F-100, including the trademark’s four front buttons. The base model appeared last month and included features such as a 1/10 second stopwatch, daily alarm, hourly time signal, automatic calendar and LED light. It retains some of its original functions, but now only by enhancing it.

But the A100WEPC is where the opinion is. “The design is designed to evoke a fun, retro style PAC-MAN the game ” press release notes. It’s clearly visible on the dial and case: the colorful pixel characters dance across the face, mimicking the stage of the game down to the smallest detail: the pink line still marks the place where the ghosts rise. Even the font of the Illuminator logo is the one used in the game.

Not forgetting also straps: laser etching of the figure of the same name at the top, chased by ghosts; and at the bottom the opposite. On top of all that, the pack is a lovely copy of the game on screen.

Clock fans and its design will get its hands on ¥ 12,100 ($ 110) from next month in Japan, followed by the release of an international publication.

this is not PAC-MANis the first appearance of the watch; Timex T80 x Pac-Man has been around since 2020. But combined with the remake of the iconic F-100 for about the duration of the game, this Casio piece definitely has an upward advantage in terms of nostalgia.

Picture Casio

Picture Casio

[via Crunchyroll, images by Casio]



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