You can now specify the DBX with 23 inch wheels.

Aston Martin

At Roadshow we spend a lot of time playing with online vehicle configurators (that’s research, I promise), so it’s always exciting when an automaker announces a new way to specify a car. Aston Martin update configurator went live on Wednesday, and it comes with a number of changes to the company’s 2022 model year lineup.

Overall, Aston’s configurator is quite elegant. You can zoom in on specific details of the car you are building and see what it looks like in different 3D rendering environments. Epic’s Unreal game engine provides the basis for this configurator, marking the second time in recent memory that the company has in partnership with a car brand for new interactive technologies.

Inside the configurator, customers can also see Aston’s new finishing “environments”, which combine different colors and materials for a cohesive theme. The Inspire environment features perforated semianiline leather with unique seat details and contrast stitching. Aston’s Inspire scheme offers 38 different one- and two-tone color combinations. The acceleration has “a more assertive character,” according to Aston, with sport seats and Alcantara trim. Finally, the Create environment “provides an unmistakable start to the customer setup journey,” so we’re assuming this is the path you’ll want to take to truly live out your wildest dreams.

As for the cars themselves, a few changes are in order for 2022. For starters, the V8 and V12 engines DB11 the models are both called DB11 now, with the latter dropping its AMR designation. the DBS Superleggera abandons the extremely cool second part of its name and will now be called Aston Martin DBS.

The DB11 gets an updated V8 engine for 2022. It’s the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 we know and love, but it now produces 528 horsepower, up from 503 horsepower. It is not clear whether the Advantage, which uses the same V8, will also get this more powerful melody. Although, speaking of the Vantage, it could be fitted with new 21-inch wheels, and the DBX SUV can roll over 23 inch duds, if that’s your jam. See them for yourself in the new configurator.


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