Admission procedures, business meetings, but also gatherings with family members or friends. Over the past year, all of these events had at least partially migrated to the online environment. And the same can be said for various entrance exams and other exams.

Universities and other institutions suddenly faced challenges in conducting fair online exams for thousands of applicants. Fortunately, an assistive solution that eased the situation for both graduates and graduates already existed. It is a form of remote monitoring called an artificial intelligence proctor.

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The main function of artificial intelligence spread is to prevent possible test fraud. Because of the control capabilities of these solutions, it is almost impossible for non-experiment participants to perform the experiments or for participants to be able to help themselves with illegal devices. The solution uses the technical equipment of the tested person to identify the face in front of the screen and objects in its vicinity. In addition to the image, some processing techniques may also monitor the sound, thus blocking clues. However, the spread of artificial intelligence is not just a whip for students. It helps them too.

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The basis of the solution is a comparison of the ideal behavioral patterns of the subject and his or her environment with the conditions set for each test. Whenever there is a significant difference between the technical recordings and the information allowed by the student, the artificial intelligence solution records the discrepancy for later review.

The most important part of the solution is smart technology that uses people’s webcams to identify objects and faces in the room. Artificial intelligence thus identifies whether other persons are present during the test or whether subjects do not use prohibited aids, such as a cell phone or calculator. Similarly, technology can also monitor room sounds. When such a technique detects another sound, it records the exact time it occurred and forwards the event for evaluation.

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The use of artificial intelligence often raises concerns that artificial intelligence misjudges a controversial situation and unfairly excludes the subject. But in reality, this is prevented by the involvement of human controllers. Artificial intelligence does not automatically exclude any participant – it only collects and highlights controversial situations. The final decision on whether or not some participants deserve to be excluded from the experiment is in human hands.

In addition to recognizing faces, objects, or sound, some modern artificial intelligence solutions can do even more exciting and advanced things. A good example would be an analysis of eye and mouth movements that can be detected when the subject has a book or other display with unauthorized help next to where he or she is conducting the experiment.

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A great example of a modern and valuable artificial intelligence protocol technology would be the ScioLink solution recently presented by two Czech companies, Scio and Born Digital. Both experts in the preparation of high-quality tests and the development of high-tech artificial intelligence solutions joined forces to develop ScioLink. The result is a unique AI solution that provides righteous supervision of various exams with any participant. In addition, ScioLink offers several new features that take online testing a step further. For both degree recipients and degree recipients.

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One of Sciolink’s key benefits is its ability to warn participants of suspicious behavior during the test. The ability to warn the subject in conjunction with high quality artificial intelligence to identify objects reduces potential exclusion due to cheating or complications in cases where a student accidentally forgets a nearby prohibited object. For example, when the camera captures an object resembling a cell phone, it warns the student while recording the time when the object appeared in the image. The human instructor then goes through all the corresponding controversial moments on the record and assesses whether the test rules have been violated. “ says Martin Drnek on behalf of Scio.

Another advantage is that ScioLink does not set high technical standards for tested students. The solution is a direct part of the online test. “Our technology saves a huge amount of time and start-up for everyone involved in the test. In addition, it can monitor the experiments of thousands of participants without any problems. “ photographed by Born Digital director Tomáš Malovec.

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Reliable and secure online testing can therefore become the new standard with solutions like ScioLink. When artificial intelligence organizes the smooth running of network tests, its other benefits are accentuated. “For example, the online environment eliminates the need to physically travel to university or prepare facilities for a large number of potential prospective students,” more Malovec.


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