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Python is known to be one of the most popular programming languages. It also offers several career opportunities. Demand from Python developers is growing every year. And this is also one of the reasons why Python is one of the most popular known programming languages.

Python is different from other programming languages ​​in that it ensures that the codes are narrower and faster to read. That’s because shorter code can lead to a better model. It is also recommended if you are looking for one of the best tools for creating dynamic scripts for large and small scales.

Python is widely used in various regions. Whether testing, web development or application development, etc. Python supports a variety of programming standards because it has automatic memory management and a dynamic system type. Python opens several paths that no other programming language can. If you’ve acquired the skills, you’ll have more career opportunities in Python than you can even imagine. Even if you’re a recent graduate or have someone with experience as a python developer, you’ll never miss out on opportunities.

Let’s look at the different career options you may have once you’ve acquired skills in Python.

Why should you choose Python for your career?

Python programming and a scripting language are quick to learn and shorten development time thanks to this specialty. Most developers love Python. In addition to this, if we look at Python APIs and libraries, it supports many things like development, data processing and analysis, data visualization, etc. Python is undoubtedly popular among the developer community but is also popular among the technical professional and researchers. It has been found that python is one of the most popular frameworks in the field of data science. When it comes to adaptability, it is one of the best programming languages. In Python, there is a skills gap between the supply and demand of skilled professionals. It applies not only to India but also all over the world.

In India, the most popular software development companies do not have skilled resources in Python. While the language is easy to adapt and learn, there is not enough interest in learning the language or taking a certificate to start a career. So to fill this skills gap, now would be a good time to skill and take free online courses for Python Basics.

Python’s average salary For software developers with Python skills, the reported INR is 5, 80,000 INR per year. With additional skills and the right work experience, it can also be expanded to around INR 1,000,000 per year. The job, the relevant certificates and the employer are other important factors that affect the salary offered. You will also have the opportunity to work with the most popular companies such as Amazon, Accenture, Cognizant, TCS (Tata Consulting Services Limited), etc. As you gain more work experience, your career will continue to grow. The salary of a senior software developer is estimated at about INR 2,000,000 per year, while they also have project management and team management capabilities. Although the price of a Python developer is INR 8,000,000 per year. Other Python-related jobs include a senior software engineer earning up to INR 2,000,000 per year, a data scientist earning INR 7,000,000 per year, a machine learning engineer earning about INR 6,70,000 per year, while a data analyst earning INR 4, 17,000 per year.

Python is used by the most popular companies such as Facebook, Google, Netflix and Spotify. This can lead to the conclusion that learning Python skills will open the door for you to work for one of the largest technology companies.

Acquiring Python skills not only offers a good salary, but you also have several options at your disposal. According to reports, there were 75,000 jobs for Python developers in India in 2019. Correspondingly, 108,000 jobs were listed for software developers with Python skills. Similarly, there were huge job lists for job roles that required Python skills, such as data scientists, business analysts, and machine learning engineers.

Python career opportunities

The following are the options you can choose when completing a Python certificate:

  • Python Developers – This is one of the most direct jobs you can expect after acquiring Python skills. As mentioned above, there are always jobs available in this sector. The responsibilities of a Python developer are:
  1. Build a website
  2. Solve problems with data analytics
  3. Writing reusable and powerful code ”
  4. Data algorithm optimization
  5. Implementing data protection and security
  • Data Analyst – It’s more likely for people who love to work and find meaning with huge amounts of data. Python has many libraries, such as pandas, SciPy, that can perform the task of working with large data sets. So companies are looking for professionals who know how to work with python libraries and large data sets. There is no doubt about jobs, as the above information clearly shows that you always have vacancies in this field
  • Product Manager – They help companies understand the market and identify why building a single product is better than building a product. They analyze the market related to a product or category and build products with facts. Likewise, data plays an important role, which is why companies are looking for a skilled person in Python.
  • In the last couple of years, the number of advertisements for this job has risen to about 330%. If you are proficient in Python, you will be given priority over other candidates. The job of a machine learning engineer is to build and train machines, programs, and other computer-based systems to apply these to make predictions. Python becomes ideal for this role because it is capable of data automation and algorithms.

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What the future of python professionals looks like?

The business is looking for people who are python professionals and can influence solutions that fall into exactly one line to understand customer needs. Python is expected to grow in data science, big data, and networking. Although growth is not limited to these areas. These areas are popular today. So salaries are higher in python-related areas than in any other language. Even if you plan to work as a freelancer, you can earn with your skills. If you don’t have these skills, try to learn and earn a certificate because these skills on your resume will affect you a lot and can get you hired faster than others.


In this blog, we’ve discussed the different career opportunities available in the field of pythons and the different pathways you can choose after acquiring python skills. We have also discussed the importance of Python and its certification, we have also discussed salaries and job opening in this area. See the free course python basics.



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