Picture through Colnago

In honor of Tadej Pogačar’s brilliant victory at the 2021 Tour de France, bicycle manufacturer Colnago has launched a luxury V3Rs capsule collection. According to a Press release since June, the model has been “the first official bicycle in the history of the Tour de France”.

Collection includes three versions of the brand’s flagship road bike to match the triangle of shirts Pogačar wore in this year’s race.

Slovenian cyclist had grabbed the top of the overall standings, the Young Riders Competition and the Mountain of King Competition.

All three bicycles comes with a black base frame, one with yellow Accents, one with plain black and white, and a third with red dots similar to the Tour de France climber’s shirt.

More, as per Colnago, in a statement quoted Wheel radar, each of the bicycles “comes with a unique memorabilia with its own special money-no-buy space: the original Pogačar’s signature Tour ranking shirt.” Each of the signed jerseys corresponds to the corresponding wheel.

These bicycles cost quite a penny, and their suggested retail price was $ 16,699. If you’re a serious cyclist or want something to remember for this year’s race, decide here.

Picture through Colnago

Picture through Colnago

[via Bike Radar, images via Colnago]



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