Picture through SoftBank robotics

Back in 2014, The Japanese company SoftBank launched the Pepper robot. Despite the fanfare and media focus he gained from the introduction of Pepper, the robot has since failed in many of the simple tasks given.

By Wall Street Journal, various organizations have given the humanoid robot a picture that will allow it to entertain the elderly in nursing homes or greet guests in bank lobbies.

Unfortunately it has not fulfilled its hype, which is why some companies are refusing to renew their contracts with SoftBank. It has also been reported that people sell their used peppers online for a few hundred dollars.

Pepper has has been said to be prone to mechanical failures and disturbances, nor has it identified customers it has met in the past. One company had tried to train a robot to read the scriptures funeral, but it broke down constantly during the exercises.

Robotics expert said Magazine that SoftBank may have inadvertently raised customer standards by making the robot human-like, further deceiving them with the end result.

As per Inc., one Pepper sells for about $ 2,000 for a $ 550 surcharge per month, making it a pretty steep purchase. Many experts have weighed in on saying that smart speakers or even smartphone assistants like Siri and Alexa could perform robot functions more cheaply.

Company has also released another version of the robot assistant: NAO, although it is unclear whether this model works significantly better than its predecessor, Pepper.

For the robot who promised to revolutionize the world and sold his first 1,000 batches in just a minute, it certainly doesn’t seem like SoftBank’s robots will come to work at any time.

[via INC, cover image via SoftBank Robotics]



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