Facebook Pay will be available as a payment option for all Shopify sites in the U.S. starting in August.

Until now, Facebook Pay has been a payment system for transactions performed in Facebook’s own applications. It is used to send money, shopping, donations and more.

In August, Facebook Pay will be available to U.S. Shopify merchants to provide customers with a more seamless shopping experience.

“From the beginning of August, in the U.S., companies using participating platforms will be able to introduce Facebook Pay as a payment option directly on their website, allowing their customers to expedite payment without having to re-enter their payment information.

We will begin deployment with Shopify merchants and expect to expand availability with new platforms and payment service providers over time. “


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When customers choose Facebook Pay as a cash option, they can log in with their Facebook credentials, and payment forms are pre-filled with information stored in their account.

This low-friction mobile cash register experience can help companies raise higher conversion rates.

Detailed information about Facebook Pay

The Facebook announcement adds a series of disclaimers that sound geared toward users who may be concerned about using the Facebook branding system.

The company points out that payment information is encrypted and stored securely, eliminating the need for companies to manage that information in the end.

Because it relates to sharing between Facebook and other businesses, it is noted that payment information provided through Facebook Pay will not be used to display personal ads.


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Payments and transactions made through Facebook Pay will not be shared with the user’s Facebook feed.

The introduction of Facebook Pay will begin with Shopify merchants in the U.S., but its availability is expected to grow across multiple platforms and payment service providers over time.

Source: Facebook for businesses


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