After last week’s release of the next step of the TikTok-style ‘Shorts’ feature that sees a beta version of the option now available in all areasand making shorts available to all U.S. users last month, YouTube is now working to take shorts to the next level as it seeks to combat TikTok’s growing competition in a shorter form.

Today, YouTube is announced the first exclusive Shorts dance challenge tied to the release of a new song by K-pop Sensation BTS.

As per YouTube:

“Starting this Friday, anyone around the world can create a 15-second YouTube Short app directly from the YouTube mobile app and copy the core dance moves from the” Permissions to Dance “music video. The dance moves for this challenge are” International Joy ”,“ Dance ”and“ Peace ”.

Between July 23 and August 14, YouTube will invite BTS fans to release their own version of the dance shops in Shorts, and BTS will then select some of their favorite shorts to include in the official compilation video. Users must include the hashtags #PermissiontoDance and #Shorts in order for their creations to be considered.

Connecting to BTS is a smart move for YouTube because it aims to raise awareness of shorts and increase adoption among younger users.

Over the past 12 months, BTS’s videos have been seen more than 10 billion views on the platform as the band continues to gain momentum, while BTS is also one of the top five most viewed artists on YouTube this year.

“Their official artist channel has 54 million subscribers, making them the third most commissioned artist on YouTube. BTS has joined YouTube’s coveted billion-dollar watch club on three occasions with the hits DNA, Boy With Luv and most recently Dynamite.”

This popularity will no doubt see more people giving this shorts a steady shot, and if they later have a good experience and hold with shorts clips, it can help YouTube improve the introduction of shorts and steal some of the audience away from TikTok.

Which is a growing concern on both YouTube and Facebook together. TikTok has remained at the top of the application download charts For 18 months, and keeping it with younger audiences is well placed to become an important application for social media connectivity to move forward.

So it gets more attention from marketers, stealing advertising dollars away from incumbents, while potentially making it a more important application in the lives of more moving users.

We all know what happened when young people moved from MySpace to Facebook, and Facebook wants to avoid the formation of the past, which is why both platforms are working to combat the rise of TikTok in every way possible.

YouTube’s connection to BTS may be the best idea in the industry, and while it probably won’t see a pile of TikTok thieves stealing shorts, it will raise awareness of the tool and give it a better picture of the win.

And if YouTube is also able to emphasize its coverage and commercialization benefits to content producers, it could lead to a bigger TikTok in the long run.


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