Newsletters are an important part of every business. It is an effective way to keep in touch with clients, customers and even investors. However, designing a complete newsletter can be a challenging task.

But now, with ready-made newsletters, the process is much easier. There is no need to hire design offices or spend weeks designing. Newsletter templates have complete templates made by professionals. We’ve found a few of these amazing newsletter templates for you.

In this collection, we have some of the best InDesign newsletter templates for making all kinds of business, corporate, and agency newsletters to communicate with customers. These templates are fully customizable. All you have to do is open the template in InDesign, change colors, copy and paste the text, and it’s ready to print.

See and find out if you can find a newsletter for your business.

Corporate newsletter template for InDesign

Whether you want a newsletter to keep your investors up to date on business growth or to keep your customers up to date, this template is a great place to start planning. It has 8 unique page layouts. Each in A4 and US Letter size. It’s easily customizable and compatible with InDesign CS6 or later.

indesign newsletter

This InDesign package gives you a lot you don’t want to miss. It includes a modern, professional newsletter, project invoice, cover letter, business cards and a triple brochure. What not to love about it?

Company News InDesign Newsletter Template

Are you looking for clean and modern newsletter design? Then this model is perfect for you. It has a modern design with 12 different page layouts and automatic page numbering. Each layout can be customized to change colors, fonts, and add images. The model is available in A4 and US letter sizes.

Creative business InDesign newsletter

If you are designing a newsletter for a creative office or brand, this template will help you design a clean and professional newsletter without effort. The template includes 12 unique page layouts with image placeholders and customizable layers. It is available in print-ready A4 and US Letter sizes.

Modern Corporate InDesign newsletter template

Another modern InDesign newsletter template with a clean design. This model is best suited for creating newsletters for corporate brands and companies. It has 12 page models in A4 and US Letter sizes. The template also includes main page layouts and free fonts.

Stylish corporate newsletter template

With this InDesign template, you can design a stylish newsletter for a modern business or community. It includes 12 A4 page layouts. Each layout can be customized to your liking to change colors and fonts. You can edit the template using InDesign CS4 or later.

Free Business InDesign newsletter template

If you’re creating a newsletter for a personal project or as part of your portfolio, this free template comes in handy. It allows you to create a newsletter in A4 or US size. The template also includes 8 different page layouts.

indesign newsletter

Greetings is a clean and stylish newsletter template with 10 pages that can be completely customized in Adobe InDesign. It’s probably one of the best options on our list, and we wholeheartedly recommend that you give this a try.

Free basic template for an InDesign newsletter

Another free InDesign newsletter template for personal projects. This model comes with a simple and clean design, making it best suited for creative projects. It includes an 8-page layout and the template is fully customizable with InDesign CS4.

Modern business newsletter template

A modern newsletter template that is best suited for businesses and agencies. This model has a sleek design full of colorful shapes and layouts. The model is available in A4 size. And it supports both older and newer versions of InDesign. It also includes 14 customizable page layouts.

indesign newsletter

Equipped with strictly professional design, Aingtea provides you with an excellent foundation for creating a newsletter that strengthens your marketing game and shares important information related to your business in the most effective way.

Creative Office Newsletter Template

Just by looking at its design, you can tell that this template is the perfect choice for creating a newsletter for a creative brand or office. It has a clean design that emphasizes its content. It features 12 unique side structures made with a grid-based design. It also has page templates and is A4 in size.

The smallest corporate newsletter template

Another clean and minimal newsletter template that is ideal for corporate brands and companies. This template comes with 16 page templates with neat content layouts. It includes image placeholders, changeable colors, customizable shapes, and more. The model is available in A4 and US letter sizes.

A versatile newsletter template for InDesign

The versatile design of this newsletter template makes it an excellent choice for making newsletters for all kinds of businesses and enterprises. It includes 12 different page layouts that can be easily edited. You can change its colors, fonts and even paragraph styles. The model is A4 in size and compatible with InDesign CS4 or later.

Letter News - InDesign Newsletter template

Letter News is a newsletter designed in the style of a newspaper. It has a professional look that makes it most suitable for corporate businesses. The template is available in A4 size and can be easily customized to your preferences using InDesign CS4.

indesign newsletter

If you’re looking for a bold and eye-catching newsletter template, consider the Red, a versatile option that can be used in virtually any business or industry under the sun. It comes with 10 custom pages, free fonts, image placeholders and more.

Modern stylish InDesign newsletter template

This modern newsletter template is modern and highly visual. It comes with a cover image with large images. It also allows you to include more images on the inner pages as well. This makes it a great choice for making newsletters for fashion and design companies. The template has 8 different page layouts.

Free InDesign magazine and newsletter template

There is only a small difference between magazine and newsletters. A good example is this free InDesign template. It has a minimal and modern design that can be used to produce a modern newsletter in an instant.

indesign newsletter

If you want to get your hands on a small and stylish newsletter template, we have the perfect option for you. This InDesign template includes a simple grid and column-based layout that is sure to give the impression.

Free Creative InDesign Magazine Template 2

While this is also a template for InDesign magazine, you can easily customize it to make a professional newsletter for your business or small business. It includes a 24-page layout and is available in A4 and US Letter sizes. You can download it for free from Adobe Stocks by creating a free account.

A simple corporate InDesign newsletter template

While this InDesign template has a simple design, it’s ideal for making newsletters for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to choose from several cover images. And comes with 12 unique page layouts. The template is available in A4 size, and you can edit it using InDesign CS4 or later.

Market - InDesign newsletter template

Market is a small InDesign newsletter template made for businesses and financial companies. The template contains organized layers and is easily customizable. You can change its fonts, colors, and songs quite easily to create a professional newsletter.

Clean the InDesign newsletter template

This InDesign template comes with a clean and professional newsletter. It has fewer colors and images as well as simple song styles. This makes it a great choice for making newsletters for modern offices and creative brands. The model is available in both A4 and US Letter sizes.

The smallest corporate newsletter template

Another minimalist newsletter template with a simple design. This model is suitable for corporate companies to create a modern newsletter that attracts attention. It is compatible with both older and newer versions of InDesign. And it also includes 14 different page layouts.

Trendy corporate newsletter template

In this InDesign newsletter template with 12 custom page layouts, you can choose from 4 different preset color versions. It is also available in several file formats, including InDesign, MS Word and Adobe Illustrator.

Free Technology Company Newsletter 2

This free InDesign template is perfect for a newsletter technical company or startup. It has a clean and minimal half-length design, making it perfect for writing simple and short newsletters.

Blackboard - Free School Newsletter 2

A unique free InDesign newsletter template that is perfect for creating newsletters for schools. The model has a colorful and charming design that attracts children of all ages. It is fully customizable and also comes with 10 main page layouts.

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