To enter the world of cryptocurrencies, you must first research the market and obtain specific information about trading before Buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with larger amounts. This is especially true Trading, because here, depending on the size of the lever, even small course corrections are sufficient to obtain large or total losses.


Traders have many useful sources for building expert knowledge. It is definitely worthwhile to buy the recommended special reading and get information about the latest developments in the Kryto market through industry websites such as It can also be informative and entertaining to simultaneously join social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram, known encryption influencers, and watch their regular videos on YouTube.

Between analysis and lifestyle

The offers of influencers differ significantly in some cases. In addition to short encryption courses and price forecasts, some of them focus primarily on lifestyle. In addition to wanting to show their community trading, they also want to highlight how beautiful and glamorous life is as a successful cryptocurrency. This includes videos of beautiful beaches, stunning villas, or evil expensive sports cars. It can be entertaining as long as it doesn’t completely immerse the analysis.

On the other hand, however, there are also fact-oriented YouTubeers who don’t pay much attention to lifestyle videos, but just want to present their followers with reasoned analyzes of courses and potential trading opportunities. Some of these encryption experts don’t even present themselves in front of the camera, but just let the diagrams speak for themselves.

The following overview shows the 5 selected cryptographic influencers and YouTube that are definitely worth looking for investors or visiting their social channels.

Carl Runefelt: Moon

One of the best Encrypted YouTube channels in the world, the Swedish influence Carl Runefelt operates under the name “Moon”.

Runefelt regularly says with his community that anyone with a vision and striving for their goal can become a successful entrepreneur and millionaire. He himself is considered the best example of how rising from a modest background can succeed.

As a child, he suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and dropped out of school early. Runefelt worked as a cashier in a supermarket. In his dreams, he wanted to be rich and prosperous even then, buy an expensive yacht and fly around the world on a private jet.

Finally, in 2017, he found his interest in the smuggling market and quickly recognized the opportunities Bitcoin offered. In late 2017, he founded his YouTube channel The Moon. It happened just as Bitcoin was able to rise to almost $ 20,000 for the first time in the bull cycle and cryptocurrencies were spotted in the media because of their rapid price increase.

Shortly afterwards, however, the “party” was over for the time being, and the secret market entered a long bear market after a sharp correction. However, that didn’t stop Runefelt from continuing its plan to become a successful cryptocurrency.

His endurance paid off. His YouTube channel now has nearly half a million subscribers, making it one of the largest on the market. Also Twitter He now has almost 385,000 followers and he also publishes Instagram regular pictures of her luxurious life. He also leads the Telegram group, which has regular analyzes and updates on trading ideas.

Overall, the channel offers a good combination of entertainment, but also in-depth technical chart analysis.

Christopher Jaszczynski: MMCrypto

When it comes to self-marketing and lifestyle advertising among the influencers of cryptography, Christopher Jaszczynski is certainly on the road. A growing influence in Germany has built a successful brand on social networks called MMCrypto.

According to his LinkedIn biography, he attended the Polytechnic in Osnabrück and completed a bachelor’s degree in economics. He also completed a master’s degree from the University of Münster and continued his studies in the field of digital currencies at the University of Cyprus.

After working as a real estate agent, Jaszczynski entered the cryptographic market as an influencer in 2017. He lists today under the brand name MMCrypto YouTube almost 430,000 followers. On Instagram he counts about 75,000 subscribers and beyond Twitter almost 345,000 people follow.

The influencer clearly focuses his offerings on entertainment and lifestyle. Almost every week it presents itself in a new villa or luxury hotel in a different place in the world. Instagram photos want to show her with luxury cars, beautiful women or champagne bottles. But technical analysis is also a regular part of his videos.

Ben Armstrong: Bitboy Encryption

In terms of number of users, influencer Ben Armstrong is certainly one of the largest YouTube offerings in the world for cryptographic investors. One of his farms has 1.14 million subscribers YouTube Channel in the meantime, and his videos often have over 100,000 views. Not only does he provide his subscribers with a classic analysis, but he also tells a lot of background information about individual cryptographic currencies and technical aspects are not overlooked.

Her too Tweets you have a large fan base. He currently has about 460,000 followers. Be who Invited your Instagram profile also notes that he is less interested in showing money and lifestyle than most other influencers. There are more fun screenshots or cartoons than expensive cars.

Anup Dhungana: Encryption Anup

Traders who have little interest in the lifestyle of the influencers but prefer a detailed analysis of the price charts for Bitcoin and Ethereum should take a closer look at Anup Dhungana’s offer called Crypto Anup.

Dhungana only started offering social media to cryptocurrency investors in early 2020, but has also already built a larger community. There are almost 64,000 subscribers YouTube Channel Meanwhile. Also Instagram Dhungana is present in a few lifestyle images and also has a growing image Twitter community.

Davinci Jeremie: Davincij15

He is one of the early cryptographers in the market: Davinci Jeremie recommended his followers to buy Bitcoin as early as 2013. At the time, the market-leading cryptocurrency was still quoted at one dollar. The price is currently about 3199900 percent higher. Because of his early investment in Bitcoin, he should have a few million today. On social media, Jeremie calls himself a family member, a programmer, YouTube, and formerly a Bitcoin adopter.

On Youtube Davincij15 has about 250,000 subscribers and provides a classic technical analysis of the charts. About 85,000 fans are interested in insights into his luxurious lifestyle on Instagram.


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