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“These boots are made about coffee! “says the XpreSole Panto campaign. It didn’t lie: almost every component of these new kicks somehow contains coffee.

Entry mushroomand apple eco-friendly shoe company CCILU innovations in coffee waste are among the most durable and animal-free materials. The insole is made of coffee thread, the lining is a cloth filled with coffee, and the shell and outsole are made of used coffee grounds.

Every couple 15 cups of used coffee powder are raised from these shoes website write. Integrating this into the design reduces the use of coffee grounds (SCG). They are dried, ground and then pelleted. These main batches are then sent for conversion into shoe fabrics.

“With 850 billion cups coffee is poured every year, man produces 25 billion kilos of SCG, ”says Wilson Hsu, founder and CEO of CCILU press release. This has a huge impact on the environment, given the already CO2 emissions, and the fact that methane can be up to 28 times more harmful.

The boots are lots of bragging. They are waterproof, dirt repellent, fast drying, odorless, have good grip, antimicrobial and are machine washable. They weigh only 230 g (8.1 oz), about a third of the weight of regular boots, and are suitable for walking, hiking, indoors, outdoors.

And XpreSole is has already been honored at the 2021 Red Dot Design Awards, which are considered the best of the best. Its $ 10,000 Kickstarter goal has been exceeded five times. It is safe to say that consumers have given the project an overwhelmingly positive “go there!”

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Picture through CCILU

[via Yanko Design, images via CCILU]



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