Video screenshot via UniFrance

Titanium, french film Director: Julia Ducournau, has just won the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival, Palmu d’Or.

Narrative follows the life of a young woman living in childhood in a car accident, which changes her relationship with cars later in life.

After doing The post-crash brain surgery ignores his family, who are there greeting him but walking straight into the car he hugs and kisses. As the movie progresses, the car gets bored – yes, you read it right.

That’s not all. As per Jalopnik, in the middle of the film, a young woman accepts male sex and passes herself as a boy who was reported missing. There is also a significant amount of blood and gore; it is, after all, a sci-fi horror film.

If you are looking for an internationally acclaimed film shared critics incredibly strange plot, Titanium could be for you. See the trailer below.

[via Jalopnik, cover image via UniFrance]



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