Picture through Reindeer Herders Association

Finnish reindeer herders The association has come up with a simple but ingenious way to avoid being hit by reindeer in road accidents: by spraying hooves with reflective paint.

The first trial in Lapland in spring 2014, the spray was first tested in Turkey to determine its safety. However, the horns were the primary fabric to work with, as was Anne Ollila, the association’s president picture. The horns can be seen from every angle, while the spraying on the fur is only visible if the reindeer is standing in the correct position.

Record high 4,731 reindeer died in vehicles in 2020, website reports. This figure has been on the rise over the past decade, with the coldest months of October, November and December being more risky. In addition to these damages, they are estimated to cost approximately EUR 15 million ($ 17.7 million) per year.

“Value the reindeer is greater than the compensation paid for those killed, ”the association writes. “It does not cover the loss of breeding, and it takes at least three years to get a new reindeer during the breeding season.”

Although this system it has not yet been widely adopted, the association does not give up beloved animals. “There are some problems with sustainability and utility,” it writes. “But product development continues.”

Basically, this works gives the reindeer a corresponding reflective bicycle vest.

[via My Modern Met, image via Reindeer Herders Association]



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