Picture through Blue origin

Less than 48 hours until Blue Origin launches its first human flight into space on board the 16th New Shepard spacecraft, and it has got everything clear for launch.

Passengers take on the way on July 20 are Jeff Bezos, former CEO of Amazon, his brother Mark Bezos, and the oldest and youngest astronauts of all time: an 82-year-old aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and 18-year-old student Oliver Daeman. Daeman was only recently announced be the first paying customer to fly the New Shepard, marking the beginning of commercial space tourism.

Named after Alan Shepard The first American to fly into space, a regular New Shepard flight takes about 11 minutes Blue origin. The rocket is designed to take passengers past the Kármán line, which is an internationally recognized space frontier. There is room in the capsule for six astronauts, but none of these are pilots: the entire spacecraft and launch are completely independent.

When the quartet returns from space, they are to attend a press conference. Both the launch (which is scheduled to begin at 6:30 a.m. CDT and the withdrawal target is directed at 8 a.m. CDT) and the press conference will be broadcast live on Blue Origin website.

[via CNET, image via Blue Origin]



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