Snapchat takes the next steps into digital fashion by adding something new 3D Bitmoji characters, adding another dimension to the application’s popular virtual character descriptions.

As reported Hollywood Reporter, the new 3D Bitmoji characters feature more than 1,200 different combinations of expressions, poses, backgrounds and gestures, allowing Snapchat users to create more personal descriptions of the virtual self.

Which, as pointed out, is important to it extended digital fashion button, who has already seen a Snap partner in virtual products available for purchase with several fashion brands to decorate their Bitmoji characters.

As explained Ba Blackstock, CEO of Bitmoj:

“It’s not just about the avatar [where] you have a picture of yourself – it’s pretty easy. It’s more about what you can do with an avatar? What part does it play in your digital life? “

Increasingly, Snap sees Bitmojis as a more significant part of the online Metaverse, a kind of digital alternative reality where everyone can choose their own description of themselves, in different features.

Given that more and more of our interactions are now taking place online, it makes sense to facilitate an environment that is fully suited to it, and according to the Metaverse concept, you will soon do more and more daily activities in virtual form, which also means that customizing your character with available items will eventually become common practice. .

Where Snap sees a significant business opportunity, and as you can see, it is already moving to digital brand sponsorship, which over time will also see Snap partnership with a wider range of fashion retailers offer purchased versions of Bitmoji for their products.

Snap Bitmoji fashion

This makes it easier to shop in-app, while Snap may also seem to make it possible custom creation tools which can also translate virtual formats into real, affordable products, creating more connectivity between your online and offline presence.

It may seem like a strange concept, but it’s getting more and more grip. And with over 70% of Snap users already linking their Bitmoji avatars to your account and several fashion brands coming on board to join the push, it could be a great opportunity for Snap to facilitate brand connectivity in their apps and generate more revenue through sponsorship and in-app purchases.

This is particularly relevant given the younger skew of Snap’s audience, which is generally ahead of the latest trends. And as digital clothing catches on and more and more young people move from Roblox’s custom characters to adult self-portraits, you can bet that they’ll also get used to spending money on dressing up their virtual characters.

Snap could very well be at the forefront of this change, which could prove very valuable in terms of both Snap’s business interests and brand marketing processes.

Snap’s new 3D Bitmoji will be introduced to U.S. users starting today.


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