Picture through Leroy Evans / Unsplash

In Sarawak, Malaysia, authorities recently destroyed 1,069 cryptocurrency mining equipment by crushing them with a steam roller, VICE.

By Malaysian publication Dayak Daily, these ferries were seized between February and April this year. The provincial electricity company Sarawak Energy Berhad accused its owners of stealing electricity from their mining operations. The joint venture claimed miners stole more than 8.4 million RM ($ 2 million) in energy.

Chief of Police of Sarawak Hakemal Hawari said Dayak Daily that energy theft has become severe due to these mining operations, causing three houses to catch fire and burn due to dangerous electrical connections.

As per Engadget, cryptocurrency miners often use computers built specifically for mining, and the process consumes a lot of electricity. Theft is common among miners, as in Ukraine, where the security service recently robbed mining using PS4 professionals to steal electricity from the country’s power grid.

Discard for the illegal mining equipment it seized, the Malaysian authorities used a steam roller to crush all the equipment worth RMB 5.3 million ($ 1.26 million) at once. Watch the clip below to see it for yourself.

[via Engadget, cover image via Leroy Evans / Unsplash]



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