Picture through Saint Laurent

Introduce Anthony Vaccarello, creative director and fashion designer for his SS22 menswear collection, Saint Laurent, commissioned an entire live work of art to host his piece.

Green lens is Name of the establishment resident in Isola Della Certosa (Venice, Italy). Its mirror-coated facade, designed by an artist and a filmmaker Doug Aitken, appears to be a living, breathable part of the surrounding landscape. Its mirrors reflect the movements of lush greenery, flowing water and stunning island sunsets.

“This installation will turn around landscape as a living abstraction, ”Saint Laurent website notes. “Green Lens evokes a dialogue that connects the natural landscape to our future.”

The site also states that all materials used were either leased, reused, recycled, or donated. Saint Laurent also claims that greenhouse gas emissions are offset by afforestation in the garden of Isola Della Certosa.

Originally designed women’s clothing showed that it was later canceled due to the pandemic, the structure was later declared more suitable for the spotlight now. “After all, it made more sense to get it to Venice than to Paris,” Vaccarello says Vogue magazine.

He describes The SS22 Menswear collection blended from Saint Laurent to the “new romance” of Venice. More specifically, “Don’t put them in a historical, classic Venetian way, but in a futuristic environment.”

Collection offers a Gothic, Saint Laurent-style touch to both traditional and contemporary silhouettes. There are notes on borrowing and reprocessing Vaccarello’s women’s clothing and old collections, which is perhaps a nod to sustainability.

Green lens is living work of art. It is both art, installation and stage. It’s like a lighthouse to travel to and have a personal experience, while conveying light, ideas and questions, ”says Aitken.

Green lens is open for public visits from 16 to 30 July.

[via Dazed, image via Saint Laurent]



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