A warehouse full of PS4 consoles

Picture: SBU

While the first reports from last week indicated that a huge warehouse discovered in Ukraine full of PS4 consoles was being used to mine crypto, a little further investigation revealed that the machines were probably used to cultivate FIFA Ultimate Team cards.

Is it better? Worst? I’ll leave it to you. Ukrainian site Job I did not buy the initial explanation whether it is a crypto farm based on the type of machine used (PS4? Not very economical compared to graphics cards) but also the fact that in some of the images released by the Ukrainian security forces last week, you could see game discs coming out of the consoles.

Sources said Job that the warehouse was in fact probably used as a farm to obtain and sell FIFA Ultimate Team Cards, with PS4 consoles automatically playing the game in order to get in-game currency, and accumulated coins or even the account itself can be resold in the marketplace for real money.

If this all sounds like a lot of work just for certain accounts and coins, then you might not be sure how much money is flowing through the FIFA community. Last year, for example, EA Ultimate Team’s sales totaled over $ 1.6 billion across the company’s lineup, with EA specifically pointing out that “a substantial part … was derived from FIFA Ultimate Team”.

it is not globally FIFA Sales. These are only digital in-game sales that surround FIFA Ultimate Team Mode, which is built around the idea of ​​teaming up for online gaming by paying for virtual card games that contain random assortments of virtual players.

Having faced increasing scrutiny of the game mode, what many claim is simply gambling and has resulted in outright bans in areas like Belgium—EA has recently taken steps to try to change the way Ultimate Team cards are purchased, like allowing players to preview the contents of a pack before purchasing it.



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