Picture through Butler County Visiting Office

New water based a public art project has risen to delightful murals in Ohler’s Butler County, titled Just add water.

But they are … invisible. That is, unless the sidewalk is wet. A round blue sticker indicates the location of the mural, but it cannot be seen anywhere until it is “activated” by water. After the rain, passers-by see images painted with hydrophobic paint, their clean bright lines providing contrast to the surrounding moisture.

“It simply came to our notice then reaction, ”says Tracy Kocher, director of marketing and communications at the office. “People are really surprised to see a work of art appear. It’s so unexpected, it really delights people. “

These are located The cities of West Chester and Liberty as well as Oxford Fairfield and Hamilton. Kocher describes the project as a way to “improve” Butler County because it encourages people to visit all the places involved, even if the weather isn’t fantastic. In this situation, rain is even welcome.

There is one a mural near the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts in Hamilton. Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, CEO of the center, says the work of art “brings[s] such joy ”in the people who find them.

Of course, if you can not expect rain, bottled water should also work just fine.

Picture through Butler County Visiting Office

[via Journal-News, images via Butler County Visitors Bureau]



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