Picture through Good catch / PR Newswire

Almost every fast food chain has tried plant-based options meat. Long John Silver’s has teamed up with vegan seafood company Good Catch to try two proteins: plant-based baked fishless fillets and plant-based crab-free crabs.

Just like KFC is rolled vegan chicken, a seafood chain tests the water of two products five restaurants In California and Georgia. For two weeks, guests can order herbal fish and crab-free cakes in à la carte portions or plates.

Good catch, what defends ocean health, describes a fish option with a sporty tender, flaky texture that is close to whitefish – presumably catfish, as you know. Meanwhile, faux entrée-sized crab cakes have a “sweet crab flavor” and a crab-meat-like texture, as well as nuances of spice, green onion, parsley and paprika.

Both options made from a protein-packed mixture of six legumes from chickpeas, fava beans, lentils, yard and peas, and of course do not contain mercury from the sea. A report for 2018 also notes that Good Catch products are free of dairy products, gluten and GMOs.

For now, the question remains: are herbivorous crustaceans able to capture fish eaters with a hook, line and sink?

[via The Takeout, images via Good Catch / PR Newswire]



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