Picture through mikegi / Pixabay (CC0)

Show, now more than ever, paintings like Salvador Dalí’s not all look so weird. After all, you sometimes have to embrace the unknown in order to finally understand the world.

If you are inside mood for a little weird, this surreal new quiz by BuzzFeed author Audrey Engvalson may be the pickup you need. With the multifunctional, hot-dream paintings of Dalín, Octavio Ocampo, and Vladimir Kush, the test claims to share you with “deep truth” based on objects that catch your eye.

For example, Ocampossa Forever always a visual illusion (shown below), you may be attracted to two older people looking at each other. However, someone else may put pressure on the two musicians.

Of course, this is all meant to be taken with salt root, but it is also a great excuse to admire works of art without making a trip to the museum. Take the quiz here.

[via BuzzFeed, images via various sources]



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