Picture through Krispy Kreme Australia

The monk of Krispy Kreme are often the center of fast food fantasies, inspiring some dreamy marriages deep fried chicken and Nutella in the past. And now, you can say “I d’oh” to one of the most enjoyable treats in existence.

Sure, it’s yours big day, which means you can have a doughtnut pseudo cake if you want one, but Krispy Kreme Australia makes things official with real ”Wedding a dozenan alternative to replacing a traditional cake.

Priced at 39.95 AU ($ 29.40), anyone who wants a stack of ring-shaped donuts can order them in stylish wedding white. The delicacies are made to order and are dropped by hand into white chocolate truffle before being sprinkled with white pearl sugar.

Only thing, you have to order at least three dozen of these wedding donuts. The upside is that donuts are easier to share than cake – it’s a hole together!

[via 9Honey, images via Krispy Kreme Australia]



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