Picture through Impossible food

Impossible food is scheduled to launch a plant-based chicken view this fall. – according to the report Bloomberg, the company will unveil a new artificial meat product at a trade show next week before it is launched to a wider audience in the fall.

Earlier this month, faux-meat competitor Beyond Meat released its own version chicken fillets everywhere in an American restaurant, but its chicken substitute is not yet on sale to the general public.

As per CNBC, The Impossible chunk contains soy protein and sunflower oil, but does not contain heme – an ingredient made from genetically modified yeast. China and the European Union have banned previous products of the brand from containing this ingredient, so it seems to be producing new products without it in order to gain access to the global market.

Back in April Reuters also reports that Impossible Foods could come publicly sometime in the next 12 months as part of a IPO or merger. The brand is rumored to have a market value of at least $ 10 billion, which would mean it several billion dollars higher than Beyond Meat.

Alternatively meat brands that change from beef to chicken will no doubt see more artificial channel options in grocery store corridors by the end of the year.

[via CNBC, cover image via Impossible Foods]



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