I like Govee Lyra floor lamp. This floor lamp can light up any space, especially a dull one, and make it look mysterious. It’s bright enough to enjoy your party moments at work or at home – playing games, eating, and sightseeing, yet subtle enough for a great vibe.

Govee Lyra floor lamp

We have used the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp (Model: H6072) several times over the past few months and have received a lot of positive feedback. It’s only slightly smelly that the floor lamp is more interesting than my sweet self – but what do you do? And I feel the same – it’s a room you can’t take your eyes off of. When I say “mystery” I mean mystery. Everyone takes a moment to look at the lamp when they enter my home. Really a centerpiece and fun on top of that.

Govee Lyra floor lamp; Model: H6072

Yes, the Govee Lyra floor lamp has a timeless minimalist design – it’s futuristic and modern, but I associate it with my antiques.

The Govee features cutting-edge RGBICWW technology that lets you savor multiple colors – or white. You can customize this light from 16 million colors in total and 2200k-6500k warm / cool white.

Specifications of the govee lyra floor lamp
Specifications, govee lyra floor lamp

Floor lamp is an upscale way to create an atmosphere for hosting meetings, watching movies or just relaxing.

The lamp pairs well with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you don’t have to touch it.

Go to Govee’s Instagram site and look for great ways to decorate for parties, events, and entertainment. You will have a great time figuring out how you will light up your next event with all the screens on display.

Image credit: extract from the site us.govee.com; Thank you!

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