Google’s Danny Sullivan posted a blog post on Friday answers to some common questions about appearing in Google News. Unfortunately, I honestly don’t think this would lead to fewer questions or frustration for new publishers and their questions on Google News.

The blog post covers these five areas:

(1) Where does the news appear on Google?
(2) Can my site appear in these places?
(3) How do I know if my site is showing up?
(4) Can I do anything to improve visibility?
(5) I will follow all your advice. Why don’t I still show up?

I have now dealt with this in more detail Search engine country – In short, there is very little new in this blog post that I did not address earlier.

The site command does not show if your site is in Google News

Perhaps one new thing is the crystal clear information that the Google News site command really doesn’t tell you much about whether a site is included in Google News or not. Google said “even if you can use the site: search query in Google News or the News tab to see if those pages are indexed, that doesn’t mean those pages are eligible to appear in news searches.” So now we know that making site commands doesn’t tell you anything about whether your site is eligible for Google News, as it was before.

Will this blog post help new publishers?

In short, as I described in my previous name The algorithmic inclusion of Google News is a failure for publishers, I wrote, back in December 2019 or so, Google stopped requiring news publishers to manually submit a news site for inclusion in Google News. Instead, Google said it uses its algorithms to automatically determine which sites are included in Google News. The problem is that this new process is a complete failure for new publishers. This Google blog post doesn’t change that, not at all.

New publishers are struggling every day trying to find their content on Google News. Google’s advice to publishers, are they on Google News? Use the Google Search Console. Yes, if you see your content visible Google News Performance Report and / or news filter in the Search Performance report – then you’re in the Google News for that content. Google said “you know your content is valid and relevant to the view” if you show up in the Search Console in these reports.

Google News Publisher Center

Honestly, I know some people love something new Google News Publisher Center but I don’t find it too useful. I’m a small publisher and maybe I’m abusing. This is what Google said:

With the Publisher Center, you can set up specific information about your site – RSS feeds, website URLs, videos, and more – that can help you manage your brand and make it easier for Google to crawl your site. The Publisher Center can also be used to create a “News Source” page for publications if you don’t already have one. On this page, Google News users can follow the publication and see its latest content.

While Publisher Center can help you manage content that is considered valid, eligibility itself is determined through an automated process. Therefore, accepting the Publisher Center, submitting content through it, or using a news source page does not mean that the content will appear in Google News.

How search engine optimizers feel it

So I asked some SEOs about the news box, here some of them said:

I think there should be an exchange in the Google News Publisher Center and / or Search Console if the site is in Google News. Yes or no. That would help a lot. Better yet, if not, maybe Google can say why it’s not included? Could be trust issues with Google News, could it be a manual operation or other eligibility issues?

I listen, I thank Danny Sullivan for his efforts at all. I don’t think Google would have said or responded to anything before Danny. This gives more clarity to the whole thing, it really doesn’t solve the problem – but automation is the way Google wants to go about this. So you have it.

Anyway, what do you think?

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