Ark Investment Management, led by Cathie Wood, has bought 225,937 shares, estimated to be about $ 53.7 million in Square last Friday. An American financial and digital payments company, according to Business Media Insider.

Accumulation only came Jack Dorsey, CEO of Square, announced that the company was actively creating a new voluntary, unauthorized and decentralized financial services industry focusing primarily on Bitcoin.

The Ark investment, which has Square shares, has invested heavily in the US version of the online payment provider’s square. According to officially released daily ownership documents, Ark Investment purchased a total of approximately 226,000 square feet (SQ) of approximately $ 54 million.

The six active funds managed by Catherine Wood include the Innovation ETF ARKK; Autonomous Technology and Robotics ETF ARKQ; New generation Internet ETF ARKW; Genomic Revolution ETF ARKG; Fintech Innovation ETF ARKF; Space research and innovation ETF ARKX.

Of the ARKK funds, which focus on technology investments, ark investment bought 179,664 square shares last week. Currently the square weight account the fourth largest share of the total fund, around 4.97%, followed only by Tesla (10.49%), Roku (5.87%) and Teladoc health inc (5.7%).

In this fund, the ARK team owns a total of $ 4529,624 and a market capitalization of $ 1,075,876,292.48.

In the ARKW fund, which focuses on Internet technology, it bought 46,273 square shares with a total of 1,107,484 SQ shares and a market capitalization of 263,049,599.68, corresponding to 4.71%,

In addition to supporting the square, it continued to purchase approximately 64,000 Coinbase shares. Cathie Wood said in a recent interview that environmental factors do not affect Bitcoin’s long-term uptrend. It has currently bought Coinbase for five consecutive days.

Not only that, Cathie Wood has always been a stable supporter of the cryptocurrency.

Like reported by Blockchain.News on June 29, Cathie Wood, a top wall street investor and founder and CEO of ARK Investment Management, has partnered with 21Shares, an issuer of European listed products, to apply for the Bitcoin ETF-Ark21Shares ETF.

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