AfterShip, a consignment tracking and customer technology company, has announced a new one delivery date forecast APIFollow this API designed to provide developers with the most accurate delivery information possible. The company claims that delivery date forecasts are more accurate than those available directly through operators.

As the last 2 years have further accelerated the transition from traditional in-store shopping to e-commerce as the primary means of retail, it is more important than ever for online retailers to provide a satisfying fulfillment experience. Aftership points out that consumers are beginning to see timely deliveries as a key metric in choosing where dollars are spent online:

“With 74% of shoppers prioritizing the most e-commerce orders, inaccurate delivery dates pose a significant problem for retailers and marketplaces looking to provide a high-end customer experience.”

AfterShip uses Artificial intelligence perform owned delivery date analysis. This analysis leverages data from billions of previous shipments, vessel and location to area, potential delays related to holidays or weather, and operator data in an attempt to determine more accurate delivery times. Developers can learn more API product page.


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