It seems that there is an app for everything these days.

For your music, your workouts … even finding someone to walk your dog with. Whatever fantastic use you can dream of, there is an app.

And spreadsheets are no exception.

But since there are several spreadsheet programs available for iPhone users, how do you choose the right one? After all, there is no best spreadsheet program. However, with a little digging and a little help, it is possible to find the best you.

Finding a large spreadsheet program is easy

Running a personal or professional business no longer means you’re locked in front of a desktop computer all day.

Sore from sitting for eight hours a day? Are you dying from a change in the landscape? Do I have to stay moving?

The answer you are looking for may be in the application.

Sure, you work with a smaller screen and spreadsheets aren’t always for everyone. However, their easy accessibility and portability make them ideal for some.


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Not only are there a huge number of spreadsheet programs today, they are also of high quality. Finding the apps for your needs is quick and easy.

What to look for in spreadsheet programs

Which app is best for you depends on what you want to get out of it. Do you have a large company and need solid customization and many functions? You will probably need Microsoft Excel.

A beginner working on a budget who needs something simple that works? Apple numbers are probably more in the alley.

When choosing the best app for your spreadsheet needs, consider the following:

  • Learning curves.
  • Budget.
  • Number of features and functions required.
  • Storage needs.

Knowing your needs is the first step in choosing the spreadsheet program that works best for you.

What is the best spreadsheet program for iPhone?

The number of applications out there can be simply overwhelming.


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Here is a list of my five biggest spreadsheet apps with pros and cons.

1. Microsoft Excel

Publishing: ~ $ 100 per year


  • Large number of functions.
  • Highly customizable charts.
  • Excellent for cooperation.


Microsoft Excel now the app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Do not worry. The fact that Excel is now also an application does not mean that it does not have high functionality.

Compared to other spreadsheet applications, Microsoft Excel has a high price because you need a license to use it. Depending on your needs, this app may still be worth it.

Do you work with the team you want to communicate with?

Excel has solid collaboration features that make things easier, including comments and history tracking. Its huge number of features makes it a huge competitor on this list for those who need them.

Bad side? All the functions and ways to use it in Microsoft Excel have a steep learning curve. Because of this, it may not be the best spreadsheet program for beginners.

Looking for something simpler? Keep reading.

2. Google Sheets

5 awesome spreadsheet programs for iPhonePublishing: Free up to 15GB of storage



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  • No software required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Formula tooltip.


  • You can’t make as many chart types as Excel.
  • Charts cannot be edited outside the application.

It’s the neck and neck where Microsoft Excel is one of the largest spreadsheets out there. Google Sheets offers several unique benefits.

Two properties are at the top of the list: its price and storage.

Yeah, Google Sheets is completely free for up to 15GB of storage. Even if you need more storage, their prices are pretty reasonable.

Unique to Excel is also the Google Doc cloud storage. There is no need to block the device with documents.


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Another bonus? There is no downloadable software.

Google Sheets also has great collaboration tools like chat, comments, real-time editing, and simple sharing. Here is another app that can keep you connected effortlessly.

For starters, Google Sheets will be your ideal app. It has an easy-to-use interface – and a clean interface that pleases the eyes.

In addition to this, Sheets has a useful formula hint that provides definitions and arguments.

Google Sheets, like any application, is not perfect. There are not as many types of charts as Excel, and they cannot be edited outside of an application, as in Word.

Still, it has a large number of useful functions for the free application.

3. Apple numbers

5 awesome spreadsheet programs for iPhonePrice: Free (pre-installed on Macbooks)



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  • Clean, modern interface.
  • Models included.


  • Some key features are missing.
  • Not available for Android.

Many use Apple Numbers for one reason: it’s already pre-installed on their MacBook. Even better, the app is free even if you don’t have a MacBook.

However, Apple Numbers is only predictable for iOS. It is a bummer for Android users.

Many have praised Apple Numbers for its sleek look. The numbers load as an infinite blank canvas where you can place tables, as opposed to Excel’s busy, ready-made design.


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This is another great choice for beginners who are starting to use spreadsheets. Apple Numbers has pre-built templates that allow you to complete daily tasks quickly.

On the downside, this spreadsheet application is not compatible with data analysis and cannot manage large data sets.

Therefore, Apple Numbers may not be the best choice for business owners who need to process large amounts of data.

4. LibreOffice

5 awesome spreadsheet programs for iPhonePrice: Free



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  • Completely free and open source.
  • Easy to create charts.
  • Easy to build functions.


  • No collaboration tools.
  • The interface is out of date.

The Document Foundation created a collaborative and developed software, LibreOffice, as a non-profit project. Their goal was to create easy-to-use software that everyone could use, and they succeeded largely.

LibreOffice is open source, meaning it is freely available and can be edited or redistributed. This also means that the app is great for those who want to customize their app and have a tight budget.


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The application also has the ability to process large amounts of data.

Another app that works well for beginners, LibreOffice has made building activities painless with an easy step-by-step guide. Charts are also easy to create; you no longer have to pull your hair out when working with a simple product.

On the downside, because it hasn’t been updated in a while, the interface is outdated with a confusing view. This makes the app more difficult to navigate.

Still, you have to remember that LibreOffice has about 300 features, all packaged in one application. It’s going to be a little messy.

5. Zoho discs

5 awesome spreadsheet programs for iPhonePrice: Free (up to 5GB)



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  • There are many functions.
  • Import data easily.
  • Great formula builder.


  • Additional features are hidden in the menus.
  • Fewer chart types.

Last on the list, but not the least, Zoho Sheets has a lot to offer. It has your available functions and easily import information, including feeds.

The app also has a notable formula builder with function descriptions, unlike Google Sheets. On the other hand, like Google Sheets, it’s free (up to a point) and cloud-based, so you can save storage to your device.


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Even Microsoft Excel runs out of money when it comes to operations.

The Zoho Sheet includes more than 350 features that fiercely challenge its primary competitor, Excel. This app also has great collaboration features like; chat, real-time co-authorization, and sharing rights.

Their charts have ups and downs. While Zoho Sheets has fewer chart types than some of its competitors, they are make is easy to create and edit. Not perfect for those who need to do more complex projects, but suitable for a beginner.

Where the Zoho Sheet wobbles is their navigability. Many advanced features are hidden in the menus, making them easy to use. The work can be slower even if you have more tools.


In a rapidly evolving work environment, it can feel difficult to catch up. Why not let the app make your life easier?

Spreadsheet applications can be perfect for business owners, employees, or anyone who just needs to stay organized.

Depending on what you can afford, what features you need and what storage space, there’s the perfect app for you somewhere out there.


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It’s all a number game.

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