Customer experience expert Dan Gingiss says you need to connect with your customers through the channels and platforms where they are active. With 1.5 billion users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is a channel you can’t miss. This is how you need to take advantage of it

Tip: Use the bot … WhatsApp bot

WhatsApp is now a Go-To messaging platform for most people. It has reached the point where we send 29 million messages per minute. That’s about 65 billion a day.

This means that people are now more comfortable using WhatsApp than any other forum. So it makes a lot more sense for them to be able to interact with you on WhatsApp instead of forcing them to download your app (to be honest, we don’t have storage space or a tendency to get another app).

And interacting with them on WhatsApp has another advantage. Degree of commitment is through the roof. Even if you’re trying to get a 15% transparency percentage for your emails, WhatsApp messages have a 70% engagement rate.

WhatsApp has certain strategic advantages in some countries. In India, for example, WhatsApp has a strong user base of 200 million.

Businesses need to get customers involved in WhatsApp

Great, but what do I use WhatsApp chatbot for?

Fortunately, you asked! Let’s say you launched a new product or offered a discount .. basically all the important announcements. How are you going to spread the word to your customers?

Website ads and social media posts can be effective, but not as much as WhatsApp.

According to Harper Reed

If you get a WhatsApp message, you’re probably going to open it.

So, let’s address the question in your mind – “How do I use WhatsApp for marketing?”


WhatsApp allows you to send reminders to your customers and potential customers about events, sales, etc.

Promotional offers

You can use WhatsApp to share discounts and other promotional offers with your customers. You can even customize these offers to their preferences

Broadcasts and promotional messages

Submissions allow you to send a message to all your customers or target a campaign message to specific customer segments using WhatsApp automation.

WhatsApp sends a notification to your customers when you send a notification to them. It is much more effective than sending a simple announcement to social media or even your website. It’s a more effective way to run an activity

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Conducting market research

WhatsApp lets you gather feedback from customers and understand their preferences. It is much more effective than a questionnaire because it involves less effort.

Customers can just submit their thoughts directly to WhatsApp without having to fill out a form even by switching to another app.

License marketing

WhatsApp marketing could very well be the gold standard in license marketing.

The bot cannot send messages to anyone who has not selected them. In addition, WhatsApp bots can only send messages to users who have been chatting with the bot recently. There are time limits here.

This means that every WhatsApp message you send comes from a user who has recently shown interest in your business and offers. You don’t just spray and pray.

It’s also more efficient than emails because customers are more comfortable with WhatsApp. People may delay reading your email, but we humans are pretty conditioned to read WhatsApp messages as soon as we get them.

We have to practice Pavlovian Conditioning to open the WhatsApp message as soon as we receive the notification.‍

Analyzing campaign effectiveness

You can measure the effectiveness of your WhatsApp messages with rich analysis right away I hit portals. Aggregate screens give you all the insights you need to streamline WhatsApp marketing.

Engati Platform Analytics

‍Now you can do some of these things via email as well. So you may be wondering why WhatsApp marketing is essential.

First, it is because 2 billion people use the app worldwide. And they love it. People use WhatsApp much more than they use email.

Your customers have linked email to work and stress. They look at WhatsApp faster as a way to communicate.

Instead of replying with a well-formatted email, they just need to shoot a short handwritten fast text. Basically, WhatsApp feels more comfortable.

This means that people check WhatsApp several times a day and only look at their emails every now and then.

But let’s go back to an issue we’ve already discussed. WhatsApp marketing is important because we treat WhatsApp notifications.

While we can simply wipe the email notification off our phones, we are much more likely to open the WhatsApp notification and read the message.‍

Here is another reason why you need it. When your customers need help, they don’t want to waste time calling someone or going to your website to find the Contact Us section. They want things to be resolved in the simplest way possible. If they’re on WhatsApp, you need to be there too

Simplification of sales processes has always been associated with higher sales volumes.

Your customers want you to facilitate your offering. They want to buy your offer; you just make it hard for them to do it.

And how better to simplify the sales process than to allow your customers to shop through WhatsApp?

All you have to do is display your list on the bot and integrate your chat bot into the Stripe or other payment gateway. As soon as they select a product, they are taken to the payment page.

Customers are moving quickly towards chat shop. It leaves you with a choice – accept it now or be left behind

As soon as a customer places an order on an e-commerce portal, there is one thought that constantly bothers their minds – “Is it delivered on time?”

Sure, they can track their orders by visiting your website or downloading your mobile app. But it involves too much effort. Also, who has room for the new app on their phones?

They’re already using WhatsApp … why don’t you just send them broadcast updates there?

It relieves their anxiety with a little effort on their behalf and creates a better experience for them. But that’s not all.

The transparency you provide in this way will increase their confidence in your business

Even if you think you’re a smaller company and can handle your customers without a whatsapp chatbot, you need to understand that customers are ruined today. We want what we want when we want it. We are not waiting for anyone.

So if you can’t deal with customers at odd times, you could lose their business. In addition, your time would be better spent doing something more productive than answering questions mechanically.

With Engati Live Chat, the bot is able to handle all routine, monotonous queries and send only complex queries to the human agent. Employees generally spend time on more productive tasks that require advanced, human intelligence

Engati even helps you create your WhatsApp chat bot at an amazing price! We offer amazing features, detailed analysis and a smooth customer experience at the best price.

Reach your customers on the platform they love and take your business to the next level with your own WhatsApp bot.


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