Whether it’s using strong call-to-action (CTA) in their Instagram stories or optimizing a link in their biography, publishers drive traffic through Instagram in creative ways.

In the next post, we’ll look at the different features publishers use to get clicks to their websites, as well as four strategies you can try right now.

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There are 3 ways publishers can drive traffic through Instagram

As a publisher, building a reader community is an integral part of the success of your publication.

And while Instagram is great for increasing tracking and reaching new audiences, there are limited opportunities to send users to other platforms or sites.

Here are three ways to drive traffic to your content:

# 1: Link to bio

Your Instagram bio link is the most effective way to drive traffic from Instagram – and for good reason!

It’s available to anyone, regardless of the number of followers, and can be a one-stop shop for posting followers to a blog post, website, or Youtube video.

To take advantage of this feature, we recommend a link to bio tool which allows you to share multiple links from a single, easy-to-navigate landing page.

With Linkin.bio by Later, you can build a clickable version of your Instagram feed, as well as the ability to add customizable button links:

When Followers click a link in the bio, they can tap any image or button and direct the links you added directly.

This could be a news article, an ongoing video series, or your most recent interview.

Pickup? With linkin.bio, you can drive even more traffic through Instagram – easily, in a streamlined way.

Get the most out of your life and start using it Linkin.bio by Later. Join today and make your feed a clickable landing page!

# 2: Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a great traffic control tool. Why?

They allow publishers to interact with their followers at a closer level – whether through the use of questionnaires or real-time tutorials such as LAAMI:

Publishers can drive traffic through Instagram stories by:

  1. Add swipe links (or a new Instagram Stories link sticker). This is the easiest tool if you have over 10,000 followers.
  2. Link to an IGTV video by clicking the links in the video description. You can use this hacking even if you have less than 10,000 followers!
  3. Includes clear call-to-action, GIFs, graphics, and text that encourage the community to click on the link in the bio.

ENTRY: Instagram is currently testing access to accounts with less than 10,000 followers Instagram Stories link guitar – so check out this space and we’ll keep you updated.

# 3: IGTV video recording

Unlike Instagram feeds and reels, IGTV video descriptions can contain clickable links, making it one of our most popular traffic hackers.

IGTV videos allow viewers to easily click on the URL of their choice.

Instagram story title links

Plus, you can add a swipe link to an IGTV video in your stories, and you don’t have to make 10,000 followers to do it!

Here’s how to add a swipe link to your Instagram story using IGTV:

  1. Record a video (15 seconds to 10 minutes) and upload it to IGTV by adding a link to the video description.
  2. Create an Instagram story from your IGTV video. Add a clear CTA that encourages viewers to swipe up and click on the small arrow next to the title of your IGTV video to find your link.
  3. Select the link icon at the top of the story box and select IGTV Video. Your IGTV video can now be accessed directly via a swipe link in your Instagram story.

Learn everything you need to know about IGTV The ultimate guide to IGTV.

4 traffic control strategies for publishers on Instagram

Now that you know the tools to drive traffic through Instagram, it’s time to see how you can strategically maximize your linking potential.

Learn how to control traffic through Instagram like professionals. Here are four publishers who know a couple of things about creating clicks – each with its own style:

1. Maximize your links in Bio, such as SUITCASE Magazine

Multimedia travel publication Suitcase, used often Linkin.bio by Later optimize their Instagram bion.

Using a combination of lifestyle photos and long-term captions, SUITCASE encourages its community to search for travel guides, hotel gatherings and more through their bio-links.

They also maximize a customizable button to drive traffic to your order page – full of package options, sequels, or individual numbers delivered right to your door.

SUITCASE’s compelling storytelling, clear CTAs, and stunning photography will help your audience find a variety of content – at the touch of a button!

Turn Instagram into a traffic controller for your content Later Linkin.bio feature – available for free!

2. Launch the IGTV series with clickable links such as CRWNMAG

As we mentioned earlier, IGTV filming are one of the few places (besides your life) where you can add clickable links to Instagram.

However, because they are hidden behind a small arrow, it can be difficult for users to find.

One way to address this is to create an attractive video series that encourages viewers to look through and remind them by tapping the arrow to find the links and tags mentioned.

CRWNMAGThe Tuesdays with Ashley series features videos where viewers learn about a variety of creative activities – whether it’s recipes or coating.

Many of IGTV’s descriptions refer back to CRWNMAG’s website and offer the opportunity to purchase the latest magazine, diary, or print magazine.

Need help creating an IGTV series? Check How to create your own IGTV series in 2021

3. Drive traffic through Instagram stories like Out Magazine

Instagram Stories Highlights are an easy way for publishers to advertise and add clicks to their articles.

By writing articles on various highlights publishers like Out-magazine make sure their stories live forever (not just 24 hours).

With easy-to-understand categories, new and existing Followers can find interesting articles – and come back to them at any time!

Bookmark more Instagram story tips in this post: 9 Ways to Increase Traffic with Instagram Stories

4. Use coils to reach viruses such as iD

Instagram chelate are a huge increase in hacking their ability to get thousands (and in some cases millions) of views – completely organically.

Leveraging Instagram’s latest feature, publishers can reach new audiences by combining scroll-stop video content with strong CTA in the title – directing viewers to their own platforms.

iD magazine has successfully utilized this tactic and often publishes valid reels that include calls to action to learn more about their YouTube channel, IGTV channel, Instagram stories, or websites.

6 best practices for driving traffic through Instagram

Here’s a summary of our proven tips:

  • Write compelling call-to-action that directs your bio to the link.
  • Use the link in the bio tool to maximize your linking potential.
  • Compress the most clickable stories with Instagram Stories Highlights.
  • Create interesting reels (hey, viral videos!) That convert into clicks.
  • Create IGTV content and Remind viewers that they will find your link in the video description.
  • Use a mix of Instagram features to access content and drive traffic: Stories, Feeds, Reels, IGTV, Guides.

With the best practices mentioned above, you too can drive serious traffic through Instagram and increase views on your site.

Let these publishing strategies go and watch your community (and clicks) rise!

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