Video screenshot via Saudi Telecom

Marsilla, there is Perseverance ATV. Saudi Arabia’s head is the camel Sarha, who clicks photos into places man has never stepped on.

Saudi-Arabiana welcomes tourism for the first time, Saudi Telecom hopes to convey the scope of coverage by taking the world’s first “camel-producing content” to try it. And the verdict is: there Is the net is also available on pristine, inaccessible lawns.

At the same time, Camel Sarha helps Saudi Arabian tourism by capturing rare, stunning photos of the great deserts. Saudi Telecom shares that nearly half of the land is uninhabited, giving the majestic creature a lot of invisible land to cover.

Professional the camera device system – including a laptop, solar panels, hotspot router and cam-ranger – was attached to the camel’s back. Even from other parts of the world, photographers could join a camel heap and take pictures of hard-to-reach desert areas.

“As a photographer I felt like I was one of the first astronauts to step on Mars. It’s just amazing, ”described New York photographer Ben Jacks, one of 11 international photographers invited to work with Sarha.

By Saying, the campaign was a global effort. Marketing communications agency Wunderman Thompson Saudi Arabia introduced the idea and oversaw the plan, Wunderman Thompson Seattle developed the technology and Wunderman Thompson Costa Rica worked on data visualization.

Some stunning photos can be seen on his Instagram account of the Saudi Arabia Tourism Initiative, reveals Saudi. Do not worry; Camel Sarha is also credited with those pictures.

[via Ad Age, images via various sources]



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