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Texas fast food chain Whataburger has set up a virtual art museum to honor its tough fan base. The works of art on display are all tributes created by artists to the state’s iconic restaurants.

Whataburger Art Museum (WMOA) lives on Instagram and has artists from across the country who had previously tagged the company in their own posts. The piece ranges from descriptions of its food, brands, and restaurants to paintings created directly on the packaging itself.

Every work of art is cropped and placed on a white background with the artist’s name, title and details neatly in a corner. It is almost reminiscent of Van Gogh watching in a traditional brick and mortar gallery.

It’s not just love burgers, which motivates this group of artists to create their featured songs. Performer Kristin Moore says the recognizable brand – orange W and similar stripes – “inspired this sense of America and a sense of being in Texas.”

“I started to see The Whataburger brand is this iconic image in the brain when I drove home to Texas, ”he says. “I was like, ‘Oh yes!’ I’m almost home. “

Fast food company picture This initiative is a “collection for fans and fans”.

The museum is continue to accept broadcasts, encouraging ads to subscribe @ WMOA account in their messages.

[via WFAA, image via Philip Lange / Shutterstock.com]



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